The Sonoma Valley Airport Filed a Frivolous Lawsuit

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on April 7, 2016 at 7:40 PM

An unelected county board has managed to conclude that an entrepreneur, his business and four employees are expendable. The arguments are arcane and bewildering. The bottom line is someone with an idea and the willingness to go out on a financial limb to establish a fly fishing school on his property adjacent to the airport hangs in the breeze while the County attempts to find its way through its own maze of regulations.

Final approach to runway 35, with Leland pond at left and Airport pond at right. Photo credit: Aero Pacific Consulting.

Four people at Leland Fly Fishing Ranch have been laid off and Josh Leland Frazier is watching his personal savings evaporate after the County pulled the rug out from under his business. No doubt those four lost jobs will help Sonoma County become the 390th worst place in America for job growth.
When a County government decides that banning fly fisherman from wetlands will somehow make the skies safer for air travel, we all have a problem.

The flimsy reasoning and threadbare arguments that led the County Airport Land Use Commission to shutdown a viable business is a perfect illustration of how we are finding our way to the bottom of the list of job-growing communities. This travesty demonstrates why California’s runaway government is often the target of many jokes.

Cheryl Carlucci, co-owner of Sonoma Valley Airport and Vintage Aircraft, often considered to be coming from somewhat left of field stated: "Frankly, I would like you to get tied up in your underwear for public safety. Placing yourself in harms way for financial gain is a good idea, just a few drinks and driving is an ok idea too." 

Mr. Frasier’s permit problems, ochestrated by Carlucci, are negatively impacting the already low public opinion of the Sonoma Valley Airport fiscally, environmentally, and socially. They would have detrimental effect on the general public.

Josh Frazier was apprised of this potential compromise of public-safety from FAA advisory circulars, Caltrans Division of Aeronautics (two letters) the USDA. No label is going to keep a spinning propeller from maiming or killing someone. Every time you take a flight you hope the pilot has a good rate of climb to avoid collision with a tall building. The airport was again faced with guests wandering onto the SVA runways, and, worse yet, employees shooting firearms willy-nilly into the traffic pattern of aircraft using Sonoma Valley Airport.



The airport filed a frivolous lawsuit and then dropped it. GO FIGURE.

Ownership: Privately owned

Owner:" target="_blank">Vintage Airport. Llc

Address: 23982 Arnold Drive
Sonoma, CA 95476

Phone number: 707-938-2444

Manager: Christopher D. Prevost

Address: 23982 Arnold Dr
Sonoma, CA 95476

Phone number: 707-938-2444

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