Verihealth a Veritable Villan Amongst Ambulance Firms

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on February 20, 2016 at 7:35 PM

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RatingEek! Methinks not.Meh. I've experienced better.Elyse B.

Petaluma, CA

Art I.

Sebastopol, CA

1.0 star rating 12/29/2014

I was transported 10/28/2014 from sutter hospital to California pacific in San Francisco. On the ride there three people 1 driver 1 in the passenger seat and one in the back with me. I had a tube down my throat and arms and legs were restrained.

All three were have a conversation about moving to different ambulance company. Then out of the the driver asked the the in the back with me "how's the patient " he replied by saying oh he is your typical meth head. I was so in-raged if I could of I would beat his ass. Would like to know how I can find him now after my heart surgery. His face is forever in my head. Totally unprofessional.

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Janet L.

Petaluma, CA

1.0 star rating 1/21/2015

I can't beleive these folks can get away with charging $2,496.74 for an ambulance ride for a total of 3 miles, non emergency?

My 96 year old Mom was transfered from Memorial Hospital in Santa Rosa to Summerfield Health Center in Santa Rosa and was charged above amount. I call this highway robbery. I am wondering who ordered this ambulance and why has Medicare and United Healthcare not paid. "We filed a claim with your insurance, the balance has been disallowed in whole or part. This portion is your responsability". Shame of Verihealth...

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Tony R.

Ferndale, CA

1.0 star rating 9/25/2014

I am very disappointed in the services my father received on Sept 16, 2014. He was in critical condition and the driver drove erratically as if she were a New York cab driver who had no idea where they were going. She was asked several times to slow down by myself and the other care providers with my father to no avail. When we arrived at the hospital and I confronted her she said offered no apologies or acknowledgement of her behavior to me. I feel my father would have been in better hands had we taken a cab and the trip would have been a lot less expensive.

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Patrick R.

Sebastopol, CA

86 friends

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1.0 star rating 6/26/2012

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WOW this place is 100% GARBAGE!!!!!!!!! MOST EXPENSIVE AMBULANCE IN CALIFORNIA!!! So awhile back I had pretty bad gal stones and I had to go to the emergency room at a hospital in Sebastopol. Since the hospital in Sebastopol is a complete joke and told me nobody there was capable of doing a gal bladder removal they had to call an ambulance to transport me to Petaluma Valley Hospital.

The Verihealth ambulance crew showed up and I walked to the gurney and climbed on it. Being a paramedic in San Francisco the only topic the EMT in back with me wanted to talk about was how cool it must be. Also being a paramedic I know what should be done on transports as far as taking blood pressures, asking pain levels and so on. Not a single thing was done that any normal BLS crew would do. The entire trip to Petaluma consisted of me listening to the EMT in back talk about how he is going to be going to paramedic school and asking if I can get him a job.

Once we reached Petaluma Valley Hospital they brought me in lowered the gurney and I walked to the bed in my room. The crew left and I went on with my life.

About 2 weeks later I get a bill in the mail from Verihealth for over $3,000!!!!!! REALLY!!!! A simple little transport from Sebastopol to Petaluma is over $3,000!!! Not once during the transport did they even do anything medically related. So I called them to ask if there was a mistake. All they said is how are you going to be paying. So I emailed the owner of the company and he told me I had to talk to the billing department. So 4 calls and 4 messages later i get a call back. The message said "we were told by your insurance that you received a check that is supposed to go to us please call and mail us a check." They didn't even bring up any of my calls. Also the only letter I got from my insurance was letting me know Verihealth was trying to double bill them. So I guess the billing department is just as incompetent to returning phone calls as they are to doing their jobs.

So I send another email to the owner and he tells me to contact the patient advocate to ask any questions. OK so I do that and leave yet ANOTHER message asking them to send the paperwork I need to fill out to get a copy of my PCR. I wanted a copy of that to see what exactly they were billing me for and what the ambulance crew SAID they did. Well they called me back after a couple days and asked again how I planned on paying them then let me know I could not have a copy of my PCR over the phone......yea thanks that's why I asked for you to send the paperwork to my house so I could fill it out and get it. But still they refused to send it.

It really doesn't seem like anyone at Verihealth has any idea what they are doing or how to handle people. They are your typical ambulance company who could care less about your health and only worry about their money. If you go to a hospital that uses this joke of a company refuse it and just drive yourself. How they have any contracts in Sonoma County is beyond me. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! Also if I were anybody who needs to go to the hospital try to avoid hospitals that use them for transport.

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Patricia B.

San Francisco, CA

1.0 star rating 4/15/2013

Watch out for billing department. Not easy or pleasant to deal with. Problem was resolved but not very easily

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Yelper M.


1.0 star rating 8/13/2010

First to Review

very disappointing indeed. signed up for a needed class online, paid the $160 fee, arranged for time off from work.. only to get a voice mail after the fact informing me that the class was canceled and shouldn't have been offered online.

sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

someone needs to start paying attention.

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