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Name (Changed to protect the innocent): Liam Bjorn

Email Address: Withheld

Message: Hi I am a Norwegian private investigator with The Peter Gunn Agency. I have read your blog, A Brief History of Robert Boo Heffner, President and CEO of Falck. Robert Heffner was fired last year and I would like to find out how he managed the business the last year. Can you help me with that or help me to find sources who can help me? Best regards, Liam

Dear Liam, Thanks so much for joining the Copsonnuts web site! As a reward for your astute decision I will confide in you a few salient factoids regarding our illustrious subject:

· If Robert Boo Heffner was fired from Falck, he was merely “taking one for the team” to use an American baseball saying. Or he is a sacrificial lamb, or a figurehead of organized criminal interests based in Scottsdale, Arizona usa (last known address).

· He did exactly as his employers wished the first year, the last year and all of the years in betwixt! We can be fairly sure of one thing; they awarded him a golden parachute for his “outstanding services.” One of which earned him his nickname of “Boo”. He used the fleet of ambulances as a device to frighten certain subjects with their following them everywhere they go and often blaring their sirens as they sped by to some false emergency, repeating daily, to imply the impending need of the services thereof. Going so far as to block egresses at dead ends to drive home his underworld employers’ point: “Refuse our demands and we will hurt you bad!”

· His ambulance empire is only ostensibly under new ownership at best. They have been slapped upon the wrist by the publicity and as a result are feigning good behavior, for the moment.

· His work with ambulances was done in coordination with corrupted police, sheriff and fire department services to constitute a virtual shadow government that can bend justice at will to perverse heights. “Murder For Hire” yet lives. They are a one-stop shop.

· All financed from the original nest egg of the USN Money Orders’ Company’s of nyc of late, very late indeed (mid-1970’s) once upon a time treasury. It appears they have remained active through various inside jobs (an M.O. if ever there was one) coordinated expertly between all above agencies plus lawyers, politicians you name the public official, they can get to them.

· They can rub anyone out and make it an accident through the above network, sanitized, with a ribbon of legalese. Also there is a strong occult element in play. If you start finding urine in weird places…lookout!


If possible, please send a link about Mr. Heffner’s latest firing from Falck?

Best regards,

Sherlock Pwahrow

The United States Of America: The Fourth Reich?

If they only knew, that's the criminal beauty of it. No one ever knows or suspects; it is always made to seem an accident or made out by the sheriff/coroner to be a death by natural causes. Perhaps ‘tis better that the friends and family members of the dear departed never know for what good would that do to know that the police, sheriff and fire departments of Nor Cal have supported and indeed were and continue to be the very means for an ongoing and never-ending string and streak of institutionalized crime and murder that would make heir Hitler proud.

One hand washes the other explains so much. If you know where to look you will find an army of policeman, sheriffs, fireman with their hands out and being rewarded for secret acts of violence and dereliction of duty that has established a shadow government from the ruins of the confederacy and the wits of organized crime.

Remember it was the effective methods of the South in corralling the black population into a second, third and fourth class citizenship with their creative interpretations of separate but equal. This inspired Hitler to his at least temporarily effective application of that cruel Southern style of justice as a way to neutralize the Jewish population back in the day.

It must have been thought to be expedient when they awarded that already very powerful peace officer the Sonoma County Sheriff with the additional position of Coroner. Like he probable didn’t already have enough to do. This gave the sheriff the opportunity to become a one-stop shop for crime analysis and such. But it also empowered him to become the judge, jury, executioner and funeral service all rolled into one should he choose to go in that direction. And yes he has chosen to go and continue to go that way. For in that way lies the money and the personal power of personal enrichment that continues to be the driving force of the force and not the golden rule of to serve and protect but rather to obfuscate and to talk it all off through a practiced duplicity that would be the envy of Goring himself.

One reason that it is so easy for this corrupt yet from some perspectives admirably successful organization to hide their transgressions is that they control the police and do so through cloyed violence, threats thereof an cleverly disguised accidents or medical snafus like an accidental overdose, allergic reaction, suicide or other convenient explanation. Through a system of thievery from public and private sources like overcharging on fees for welfare, unemployment and other public assistance checks at check cashing services and skimming off of various city, county and state treasuries using tag teams of lawyers and politicians they have long waxed rich. So rich and so long that they have grown to become a shadow government. One that could kill the Kennedy’s in one breath and torch the World Trade Center to cover up the real target of building Seven with its criminal records in another. It is an example of successful criminality on a scale of which could only happen in America.

Those few who do put two and two together have little recourse because so cleverly have they worked all of the legal and illegal angles alike; up and down the food chain of justice or alleged justice: cops, robbers, Sonoma city councilman, lawyers, doctors, nurses, ambulance attendants, Sonoma County fireman and more, that resistance is generally futile or worse.

Could the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez been correct when he labeled the United States “The Great Satan”? Soon after his declaration he was dead, just a coincidence or did the dark knights behind the nation that he denounced as an exporter of terrorism and permanent aggression swoop down and silence the troublesome South American honcho? What if old Hugo was right, Dictator, Prophet or both?

And not only that, if you believe in the concept of evil, of the existence of the devil, Satan and the occult, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Even if you do not subscribe to the existence of the devil you should at least acknowledge that those that do can and do summon from their belief of its powers a certain negative psychic energy that can manifest in real world calamities. Those states can power believers of such ancient rites and rituals like the occult practice of prefacing a sinister act by urinating in the path of its intended victim. If such rites have survived and flourished throughout the ages mustn’t there be something, however evil, to it? Like the devil rule number whatever that if you cleverly off your brother or torture your mother upon her death bed you some how gain rewards points with the devil or whatever evil entity or power that may be so summoned and impressed. But what if behind all of the siphoned public and private funds controlling a corrupt Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department lies a will so sinister that it embodies the very concept of evil, do you believe?

You don’t have to necessarily. If you prefer hard facts here is one; the many lives that have been destroyed and continue to be in this corporeal world were very real until…

So vicious and effective are their methods that not a one in a million is able to withstand them. And even that lone one upon very shaky rocks indeed.

Will anything that the Democrats are able to accomplish be but a temporary window dressing on the United States of America’s continuing spiral down the same path as Nazi Germany but upon a much larger scale? For if the military industrial complex continues working together with organized crime, occultists and white supremacists behind the closed doors of government, “Welcome to the Fourth Reich.”

All of the above working together for one purpose; that of great power and wealth for the few privileged whites and the shaft for everyone else, you be the judge, haven’t they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams? Hail the Fourth Reich, fall in line or be run over, or both.


THE UNITED POLICE, SHERIFF'S AND FIRE DEPARTMENTS OF NORCAL: THE NEW FRONT LINES OF FASCISM Great wine, Tuscan estates and beautiful vistas are but a few of the many wonders and similarities between Italy and the Napa Sonoma region. Both are cradles of fascism. The police and fire departments of the above mentioned must be put back in their proper place as servants of the community they serve by a true civilian oversight committee with real authority to decide on controversial police matters and other such matters of public import. Said committee must have the power to impose discipline or even removal of any public safety officer brought before it. It must be composed of a diverse group of citizens of all races and appropriate Creed's. If not, we shall continue down the current path towards a fascist state. Corrupt police officers such as those sheriffs patrolling forestville have no remorse for the great damage that they do to the public. Because from Their very first day as a cadet right up until now,they are extremely well compensated by organized crime with new cars and trucks, free homes and luxurious vacations. It is the grievous work of this blog to report on the ever growing mountain of evidence of corruption in the local police force of NorCal. The former routinely harass Sonoma county voting officials in the line of duty. Also target for their illegal surveillance and harassments are journalists.

Napa Fire Department Creates another false emergency in violation of the law. from cops on nuts dott comm on Vimeo.

Such as dive bombing them with their helicopters, airplanes and drones and creating false emergencies. If that isn't a Hallmark of fascism Mussolini was a democrat. That dear reader, in a democracy is a treasonable offense. In view of the fact that the police and fire chiefs of NorCal are all in the pockets of organized crime, this renders the entire rank and file little more than a group of hired thugs. Thugs just as likely to commit a crime as to solve one. This June 2018, NorCal ifornians are advised to vote against all incumbents. The new batch are likely to be just as corrupt, but at least it might slow them down some. POLICEMAN- POLICE THY SELF TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT IT'S FUNNY HOW THE WORST CRIMINALS OF ALL TURN OUT TO BE THE SANTA ROSA POLICE , HA, HA, HA. SINCE THEY PERFORM THEIR ATROCITIES WITH THE lax oversight of the LOCAL AUTHORITIES, WHO ARE IN the POCKETS OF AND ACT ON THE BEHEST OF A CRIME BOSS IN SCOTTSDALE. THEIR criminal application of law enforcement does keep the peace. For providing that great service, they take it for granted that they themselves may orchestrate any manner of mischief they see fit. For "who's to know?", is their reasoning. Even when they do knowz, what can the law abiding citizen do if it's the police themselves that are the criminals in sheep's clothing? As long as the peace is kept, the police have a free hand for their own private elicit enterprises. Do you really think that the San Francisco police are satisfied with the, in THEIR minds, picayune compensation scheme the taxpayers offer, however broke they have become supplying it? The only logical explanation for the preposterously large number of auto break-ins in San Francisco is that the police are in for a piece of the action. As for the late mayor, God rest his soul. However, those stuck with the mess that he left behind must face the reality that he did zero about the car break ins. Worse, the situation grew up right under his nose as the cheif of police. It might be true that for a policeman with ambition, the only way to get great riches is by working both sides of the fence. The Santa Rosa police would certainly seem to believe that. Teaming with bribery so cleverly disguised that it blends perfectly with the city and county's cooked books. As Edward R. Murrow maintained, controversy makes for good television. That must be doubly true for the Internet. If so and that is something you find entertaining yes and informing, then you have come to the right place. The police are going to great lengths to say the least to find out what I am thinking. They wrest my thoughts with the new thought theft devices they have that remain secret from the taxpayers. They sound as a constant ringing in the ear and may create headaches and skin rashes. The machine is portable and can be deployed in the air via one or possibly more aircraft. No matter, there's nothing hidden that shall not be revealed. That's especially true nowadays. But the dream police should be careful what they wish for, lest they get it... Just so if the pen 'tis mightier than the sword how much mightier still be the blog?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 'tis to be determined yet................................................................................................................... here goes... Just what liberties do those that enforce the law in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Solano and San Francisaco Counties take in order to maintain the order? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? That's the question. This web site is the beginning of the answer. And what sort of order has been imposed upon the blacks and other minorities? Simply the due process of the law?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? As interpreted by a secretive band of WHITE SUPREMACISTS, steeped in OCCULT PRACTICES, WHO JUST HAPPEN TO CONTROL LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE ABOVE MENTIONED COUNTIES. *********************************************************************************** The media is controlled by the police when it comes to their image. This web site is a small attempt to begin to correct that imbalance. When the Police control the dissemination of news and vital public information, such as in the cities and County of Sonoma, fascism and white supremacists have an easy go of it. What's the difference between the Sheriff and the Police? One wears a darker uniform and one has more power to write off the murders of blacks and other minorities. That would be the Sonoma County Sheriff in his very inadvisable duel role as Coroner. The Cotati and Rohnert Park Police, Sonoma Highway Patrol, yes they all look great and sexy on the local news show, who must play along if they want in on any future scoops. So you have the entrenched system of corruption where one hand washes the other hand. If the Cotati Police happen to get in trouble, say for creating numerous false emergencies for profit, like the one they created in Cotati in front of the Spanky's and Tradewinds bars on the night of September 29, 2017. All they need do is to refer the matter to the Sonoma County Sheriff for an "impartial" review.

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Dateline American Canyon, California: Small Town Police Force Embraces Big City Organized Crime

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It is well that the overall populace prefer blissful ignorance to the gritty realities of the day-to-day operations of the American Canyon Police Department. For if they only knew of the ease with which the polished act of organized crime can swoop down upon any police force in the nation and to take over its operations they would do, what? Nothing. After all what can or could they do, call the police upon the pol...

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Sonoma County Sheriff's Department: ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE

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The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department is afraid of this web site. And well they should be. For in it is the stuff that will finally expose them as they truly are: the corrupt servants of organized crime. The secret goings on at the Sonoma County Sheriffs’ insular and inbred white world of which only they, brothers in arms, can ever fully know and appreciate.

It falls unto this lowly blog to be the only voice in the wilderness of the corruption that is the esse...

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NorCal Fire Departments Occupy Same Heady Space As That Of Late Patriot John McCain

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“I like people who weren't captured” – President Trump on John McCain ; ;

Sometimes it’s hard to argue with the president’s good old down home New York City logic. Enough red-staters agreed to elect the man, and his logic, like the word of the Lord, cuts to the quick. ...

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Suicide Better Fate For NorCal Highway Patrol Officers Than Facing Wrath Of Systemic Organized Crime In The Force For Trying To Buck It

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What happens to the fool who tries to buck the entrenched organized crime in the vaunted Highway Patrol? His life is turned upside down in a myriad of disheartening and yet undetectable ways. Ways and means developed and refined over centuries. Today's organized crime is so organized they have become an integral part of the legal system itself.  ;The Highway Patrol zoom around in their urban tanks and have free rein upon the highways. They enforce the law in the trenches of reality.

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Snoopy Perfect Cover For Mob Run Air Craft Maintenance Facility

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O what a blessing that Mr. Schulz is not alive to see the moral turpitudes that his beloved namesake airport is sheltering! Right from the beginning of the liberally greased approval process, apparently zero if any real vetting of the applicants occurred. Worse it was all accomplished in secret without even bothering to file any information about the financial impact of this multimillion dollar changing of business ownership and then th...

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The police are great at shooting unarmed blacks. The systemic murders of whom are easily talked off by smug spokespersons backed by the practiced paper shuffling of the white police chief, who in turn is greatly enriched materially by cleverly disquised bribery all up and down the rickety ladders of justice. If we can't have justice here in the USA then there is much less chance of it occuring elsewhere. Justice would see some police chiefs hang, at least euphemistically. And just who or... Read Full Post »

Unrepentant Fire Officials See No Correlation of Fires and Their Own Corruption

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Sonoma County Fire Official Emergency Services Coordinator Zachary Hamill's Inept Response Cost Lives- Manslaugher Charges to be Sought

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Sonoma County Fire Official who made the decision not to send the wireless alert together with the county???s emergency manager, Christopher Helgren. Inept Response Cost Lives- Manslaugher Charges to be Sought

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AS SOME LOCAL COMMENTERS HAVE NOTED, there was already in place a wireless early warning system that could have alerted Sonoma County residents to the fires in their path. Yet the Sonoma County Fire Officials sat and twiddled their thumbs as residents, pets and livlihoods perished in the searing flames of the Tubbs and other quaintly titled conflagrations wreaked their havoc. Like a ballplayer freezing up during the playoffs, the official who made the decision not to send the wireless alert to... Read Full Post »

Sonoma County Sheriff and His Posse of White Supremacists

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