THE UNITED POLICE, SHERIFF'S AND FIRE DEPARTMENTS OF NORCAL: THE NEW FRONT LINES OF FASCISM Great wine, Tuscan estates and beautiful vistas are but a few of the many wonders and similarities between Italy and the Napa Sonoma region. Both are cradles of fascism. The police and fire departments of the above mentioned must be put back in their proper place as servants of the community they serve by a true civilian oversight committee with real authority to decide on controversial police matters and other such matters of public import. Said committee must have the power to impose discipline or even removal of any public safety officer brought before it. It must be composed of a diverse group of citizens of all races and appropriate Creed's. If not, we shall continue down the current path towards a fascist state. Corrupt police officers such as those sheriffs patrolling forestville have no remorse for the great damage that they do to the public. Because from Their very first day as a cadet right up until now,they are extremely well compensated by organized crime with new cars and trucks, free homes and luxurious vacations. It is the grievous work of this blog to report on the ever growing mountain of evidence of corruption in the local police force of NorCal. The former routinely harass Sonoma county voting officials in the line of duty. Also target for their illegal surveillance and harassments are journalists.

Napa Fire Department Creates another false emergency in violation of the law. from cops on nuts dott comm on Vimeo.

Such as dive bombing them with their helicopters, airplanes and drones and creating false emergencies. If that isn't a Hallmark of fascism Mussolini was a democrat. That dear reader, in a democracy is a treasonable offense. In view of the fact that the police and fire chiefs of NorCal are all in the pockets of organized crime, this renders the entire rank and file little more than a group of hired thugs. Thugs just as likely to commit a crime as to solve one. This June 2018, NorCal ifornians are advised to vote against all incumbents. The new batch are likely to be just as corrupt, but at least it might slow them down some. POLICEMAN- POLICE THY SELF TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT IT'S FUNNY HOW THE WORST CRIMINALS OF ALL TURN OUT TO BE THE SANTA ROSA POLICE , HA, HA, HA. SINCE THEY PERFORM THEIR ATROCITIES WITH THE lax oversight of the LOCAL AUTHORITIES, WHO ARE IN the POCKETS OF AND ACT ON THE BEHEST OF A CRIME BOSS IN SCOTTSDALE. THEIR criminal application of law enforcement does keep the peace. For providing that great service, they take it for granted that they themselves may orchestrate any manner of mischief they see fit. For "who's to know?", is their reasoning. Even when they do knowz, what can the law abiding citizen do if it's the police themselves that are the criminals in sheep's clothing? As long as the peace is kept, the police have a free hand for their own private elicit enterprises. Do you really think that the San Francisco police are satisfied with the, in THEIR minds, picayune compensation scheme the taxpayers offer, however broke they have become supplying it? The only logical explanation for the preposterously large number of auto break-ins in San Francisco is that the police are in for a piece of the action. As for the late mayor, God rest his soul. However, those stuck with the mess that he left behind must face the reality that he did zero about the car break ins. Worse, the situation grew up right under his nose as the cheif of police. It might be true that for a policeman with ambition, the only way to get great riches is by working both sides of the fence. The Santa Rosa police would certainly seem to believe that. Teaming with bribery so cleverly disguised that it blends perfectly with the city and county's cooked books. As Edward R. Murrow maintained, controversy makes for good television. That must be doubly true for the Internet. If so and that is something you find entertaining yes and informing, then you have come to the right place. The police are going to great lengths to say the least to find out what I am thinking. They wrest my thoughts with the new thought theft devices they have that remain secret from the taxpayers. They sound as a constant ringing in the ear and may create headaches and skin rashes. The machine is portable and can be deployed in the air via one or possibly more aircraft. No matter, there's nothing hidden that shall not be revealed. That's especially true nowadays. But the dream police should be careful what they wish for, lest they get it... Just so if the pen 'tis mightier than the sword how much mightier still be the blog?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 'tis to be determined yet................................................................................................................... here goes... Just what liberties do those that enforce the law in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Solano and San Francisaco Counties take in order to maintain the order? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? That's the question. This web site is the beginning of the answer. And what sort of order has been imposed upon the blacks and other minorities? Simply the due process of the law?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? As interpreted by a secretive band of WHITE SUPREMACISTS, steeped in OCCULT PRACTICES, WHO JUST HAPPEN TO CONTROL LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE ABOVE MENTIONED COUNTIES. *********************************************************************************** The media is controlled by the police when it comes to their image. This web site is a small attempt to begin to correct that imbalance. When the Police control the dissemination of news and vital public information, such as in the cities and County of Sonoma, fascism and white supremacists have an easy go of it. What's the difference between the Sheriff and the Police? One wears a darker uniform and one has more power to write off the murders of blacks and other minorities. That would be the Sonoma County Sheriff in his very inadvisable duel role as Coroner. The Cotati and Rohnert Park Police, Sonoma Highway Patrol, yes they all look great and sexy on the local news show, who must play along if they want in on any future scoops. So you have the entrenched system of corruption where one hand washes the other hand. If the Cotati Police happen to get in trouble, say for creating numerous false emergencies for profit, like the one they created in Cotati in front of the Spanky's and Tradewinds bars on the night of September 29, 2017. All they need do is to refer the matter to the Sonoma County Sheriff for an "impartial" review.
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The Sonoma Valley Airport Filed a Frivolous Lawsuit

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on April 7, 2016 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)

An unelected county board has managed to conclude that an entrepreneur, his business and four employees are expendable. The arguments are arcane and bewildering. The bottom line is someone with an idea and the willingness to go out on a financial limb to establish a fly fishing school on his property adjacent to the airport hangs in the breeze while the County attempts to find its way through its own maze of regulations.

Final approach to runway 35, with Leland pond at left and Airport pond at right. Photo credit: Aero Pacific Consulting.

Four people at Leland Fly Fishing Ranch have been laid off and Josh Leland Frazier is watching his personal savings evaporate after the County pulled the rug out from under his business. No doubt those four lost jobs will help Sonoma County become the 390th worst place in America for job growth.
When a County government decides that banning fly fisherman from wetlands will somehow make the skies safer for air travel, we all have a problem.

The flimsy reasoning and threadbare arguments that led the County Airport Land Use Commission to shutdown a viable business is a perfect illustration of how we are finding our way to the bottom of the list of job-growing communities. This travesty demonstrates why California’s runaway government is often the target of many jokes.

Cheryl Carlucci, co-owner of Sonoma Valley Airport and Vintage Aircraft, often considered to be coming from somewhat left of field stated: "Frankly, I would like you to get tied up in your underwear for public safety. Placing yourself in harms way for financial gain is a good idea, just a few drinks and driving is an ok idea too." 

Mr. Frasier’s permit problems, ochestrated by Carlucci, are negatively impacting the already low public opinion of the Sonoma Valley Airport fiscally, environmentally, and socially. They would have detrimental effect on the general public.

Josh Frazier was apprised of this potential compromise of public-safety from FAA advisory circulars, Caltrans Division of Aeronautics (two letters) the USDA. No label is going to keep a spinning propeller from maiming or killing someone. Every time you take a flight you hope the pilot has a good rate of climb to avoid collision with a tall building. The airport was again faced with guests wandering onto the SVA runways, and, worse yet, employees shooting firearms willy-nilly into the traffic pattern of aircraft using Sonoma Valley Airport.



The airport filed a frivolous lawsuit and then dropped it. GO FIGURE.

Ownership: Privately owned

Owner:" target="_blank">Vintage Airport. Llc

Address: 23982 Arnold Drive
Sonoma, CA 95476

Phone number: 707-938-2444

Manager: Christopher D. Prevost

Address: 23982 Arnold Dr
Sonoma, CA 95476

Phone number: 707-938-2444

Sonoma Valley Airport Owner uses his Links to Organized Crime to Track Down and Threaten Web Site Owner with Law Suit

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on April 6, 2016 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Around noon on November 25, 2016 Chris Prevost finally had quarried his prey. Instigating his own version of Black Friday, he brazenly called upon the struggling owner of an insignificant web site to demand satisfaction. Insisting upon his own version of the truth and threatening a law suit from high powered lawyers if the mild mannered reporter failed to remove a story which he found offensive. A story constituted of constitutionally protected First Amendment editorial opinion.

But how had Mr. Prevost acquired the web site author's address? He refused to say. He stated only --in a clearly threatening tone-- that he "knew someone."  Having cowed the law abiding web site owner from expressing" target="_blank">the right of the press or even the rights of an individual to speak freely, a job well done, Mr. Prevost took his leave. 

Now that unfortunate web site owner must deal with the consequences of knowing that Mr. Prevost, and his clan of thugs are waiting to further prevent the intrepid reporter from reporting the truth as he sees it. If that's not an organized crime, then what is? Prevost and his gang of air criminals are adept at working with so called private investigators, thinly disguised hoodlums. who follow their subjects using private air craft, coordinated from spotters on the ground, to legally harass their subjects through disguised air manuevers, "coincidentally" taking place over the heads of their targets. 

Prevost and his Sonoma air field are such pilots.

Offend this man at your own risk, his powerful friends will hunt you down like a dog.

A Sonoma Valley Airport owner shocked City Council with an outburst of obscenities. Her use of the crass language at a City Council meeting about having her neighbor's pond being removed mortified those in attendance. It seems that her feathers were also ruffled when one of the council members commented on rumors of the small airport being some kind of front or tax shelter.

Origins of the rumor appear to be substantiated by the fact that although the Sonoma Valley Airport's receipts are comparatively low, huge outlays have continued for years. The financing of purchases, costly repair and maintenance of the expensive and expansive fleet of aircraft remain unexplained.

It's a fleet the which one might expect to be kept by some extravagant billionaire. One unconcerned with mundane business procedures such as turning a profit. If not organized crime or an eccentric billionaire, just where are the origins then from where all of this bounty can be traced to?

Who's Calling Shots at Sonoma Valley Airport?

With so few flights going in and out of the Sonoma Valley Airport any income brought in by them is dwarfed by the ongoing cash expenses involved in acquiring, repairing and maintaining such an enterprise. 

Another factor contributing to all of the rumors about the finances of the Sonoma Valley Airport is the three different companies that are basically the same one interchangeable entity. Though being the owner of the facility, she frequently poses as an employee to avoid any disagreeable confrontations. 

But the question remains, who then is shelling out the funds in Schelville? Investigators may have their suspicions confirmed should they examine Sonoma Valley Airport's books. Fitting perfectly in with sophisticated twenty-first century creative accounting techniques, it turns out that the facility is a virtual money pit. 

Pilots, on retainers, sit around shooting the breeze waiting for assignments from their boss, it is said. 

Cruelty to Veterans Exposed at Ambulance Provider Verihealth/Falck

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on March 9, 2016 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Here's some of the gory detailsFireWA1 said: 

Want to share any details?


The complaint filed with the US Dept of Labor OFCCP (#100180804) against Falck and its subsidiaries, Falck USA (Washington state) and Lifestar USA (Washington, D.C) alleged several claims of discrimination against veterans:
* That one dispatcher conducted a 4 1/2 year campaign of harassment against a veteran, because he was a veteran, including: bullying, dangerous assignments, assignment to rigs with a histroy of mechanical breakdowns, harassment, illegal mandatory overtime, excessive deprivation of meal and bathroom breaks, sleep deprivation through scheduling assignments, failure to supply lift assists for two man crews on bariatric assignment, failure to send tow trucks while stranded in a snow storm, and attempts to impose illegal orders that would jeopardize patients and fellow crewmembers.

The complaint specifies names and dates of these incidents in great detail.
* That one of the subsidiary company's managing accountants attempted to discriminate against veterans as a class in the following way: the plan was to fire all veterans, in order to take advantage of federal tax breaks twice over. Since there is a tax benefit for hiring certain veterans, the plan was to take the tax benefit in that tax year, which is legal, but then to lower costs, and cow other workers into following, to fire all the veterans, then offer them jobs back, only at pay of $2/hour less. If they accepted, the company would than take advantage of the tax credit again, in the same tax year, in effect double-dipping on the tax benefit. The net effect would be that there would be no new veterans hired, the company would take two times the tax benefit they would be entitled to. A major part of the plan was to strike fear into the hearts of non-veteran workers--since once they saw that the veterans were being treated so badly, that fear would take over and the rest would fall into line as the company would then cut everybody's pay by $2/hour. In c company wher many people are at or close to the poverty level already.

Falck USA's human resources department displayed a pre-conceived prejudice that all veterans were subject to post traumatic stress disorder. It attempted to offer crisis counseling to the veteran lodging the complaint simply for lodging the complaint. The clinical counseling center, to its credit, declined to accept any such case. Nevertheless, the parent company Falck continues an international effort to promote similar crisis counseling efforts, constituting and institutionalizing an obvious hostile workeplace for veterans.
The complaint was withdrawn, reluctantly, as the fear factor was so great that there was considerable risk that witnesses with actual proof would, under fear of losing their job, recant ample testimony supporting the claims.

During the week following the filing of the complaint, the person filing it was extensively spied on, and harassed indirectly in numerous ways, some described above. Some time later, the dispatcher in question was no longer reporting for work, and hasn't been seen at work for months, but it is not widely known whether he was fired, or suspended, or placed on medical leave. The withdrawal of the complaint, in part, only means that the company agrees to adhere to its own code of conduct, which pledges non-discrimination agains any protected class. Yet blatant discrimination continues, as it now seems likely that a corporate spy was sent to badmouth the veteran, and any partners associated with him; efforts to get veterans into the company are proceeding very slowly, and existing veterans are complaining that the company does not back up their EMTs in the inevitable misunderstandings that families and facilities have in dealing with medical transport. In the first week of the government shutdown, the dispatch operation began stepping up more hazardous assignments to the veteran, his car was hit probably by a company vehicle in the company parking lot while he was at work, and some dispatchers became noticeably more quarrelsome, as if trying to provoke an incident, which, unfortunately it did, but probably will not come out in their favor--since it's almost an instant replay of the initial incident.
This much is certain: most of the executives making decisions that create a climate of fear are still in place, and bad decisions are still being made, in the opinion of the rank and file. The company so far has not made a move to publicize to its workers worldwide that there even was a complaint, much less a decision that was at least favorable to the whistle-blower, in that the company pledged to stick to its code of conduct, and recognized in writing that it should stick to its code of conduct.


Falck Northern California lays off 40+

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Discussion in 'EMS Talk' started by PlatapusSupper, Aug 2, 2013.

1. Aug 2, 2013 #1 PlatapusSupper New Member 6 0 0

Following acquisition of VeriHealth in March, Falck Northern California has fired CEO Steve Lewis, COO Bill Snell, and replaced them with CEO Gary Tennyson and COO Sean Sullivan of VeriHealth. Effective July 12, 2013, EMTs, nurses, dispatchers, operations personnel, and remaining leadership from Falck Northern California startup (all prior to VeriHealth acquisiton) have been terminated from employment. Of the initial Falck startup, only approximately 6 personnel (all EMTs, 5 in San Mateo, 1 in Contra Costa) remain. The entire Contra Costa station has been shut down, and call volume has been distributed to rigs from other counties. The Falck brand ambulances from Contra Costa were then distributed to the Falck/VeriHealth San Mateo station and served as replacement rigs for old VeriHealth employees, while all but 5 EMTs from Falck startup were terminated from San Mateo station at time of the Contra Costa closure. The VeriHealth organization is attempting to continue running the Falck brand as if nothing has changed since startup in September 2012, but this is far from the case. My account is too new to post a link to the letter that went out to Falck employees regarding the layoff, but I will provide when given the opportunity.

PlatapusSupper, Aug 2, 2013 PlatapusSupper, Aug 2, 2013 #1 2. Aug 2, 2013

PHTLS, ACLS, PALS If I have learned one thing in EMS. Other Falck Aquisitions-  Is this recent development a sign of how Falck does business? What about the good people who work at Care in OC/LA/Riverside? Was this shake up necessary to shed weight for the company due to low call volume? I don't like what I'm seeing. What is Falck's goal for EMS in the US? OCEMThopeful, Aug 2, 2013 OCEMThopeful, Aug 2, 2013 #3

4. Aug 2, 2013

#4 Hunter Member 770 1 18 Education: Paramedic PlatapusSupper said: ↑ Following acquisition of VeriHealth in March, Falck Northern California has fired CEO Steve Lewis, COO Bill Snell, and replaced them with CEO Gary Tennyson and COO Sean Sullivan of VeriHealth. Effective July 12, 2013, EMTs, nurses, dispatchers, operations personnel, and remaining leadership from Falck Northern California startup (all prior to VeriHealth acquisiton) have been terminated from employment. Of the initial Falck startup, only approximately 6 personnel (all EMTs, 5 in San Mateo, 1 in Contra Costa) remain. The entire Contra Costa station has been shut down, and call volume has been distributed to rigs from other counties. The Falck brand ambulances from Contra Costa were then distributed to the Falck/VeriHealth San Mateo station and served as replacement rigs for old VeriHealth employees, while all but 5 EMTs from Falck startup were terminated from San Mateo station at time of the Contra Costa closure. The VeriHealth organization is attempting to continue running the Falck brand as if nothing has changed since startup in September 2012, but this is far from the case. My account is too new to post a link to the letter that went out to Falck employees regarding the layoff, but I will provide when given the opportunity. ... Source of this? Pm me the link if you can and I'll post it. I feel like there's more to this than just lay offs, falk took over my old employer.

FireWA1, Aug 2, 2013 FireWA1, Aug 2, 2013 #5 6. Aug 2, 2013 #6 PlatapusSupper New Member 6 0 0 The people that started it are being dissolved, and the Falck name and operation is continuing with VeriHealth personnel. The Falck startup was a failure, and they're keeping that private by putting their name on another company. I have copies of layoff notices and memos, I just can't post them until I have 5 posts... Tried to send copies to Hunter but same problem.

PlatapusSupper, Aug 2, 2013 PlatapusSupper, Aug 2, 2013 #6 7. Aug 2, 2013 #7 FireWA1 Has no idea what I'm doing. 1,323 332 83 Education: Paramedic Interesting... If you go to verihealth and click apply for employment it takes you to falcknc jobs page. Ok... It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks. On a side note talked to some PNW Falckers and they don't have any idea whats going on down there.

PHTLS, ACLS, PALS " FireWA1, Aug 2, 2013 FireWA1, Aug 2, 2013 #7 8. Aug 2, 2013 #8 FireWA1 Has no idea what I'm doing. 1,323 332 83 Education: Paramedic Well very interesting. Sorry to hear that this is happening. Really blows.

FireWA1, Aug 2, 2013 FireWA1, Aug 2, 2013 #8 9. Aug 2, 2013 #9 PlatapusSupper New Member 6 0 0 The sad part is that those laid off were the people who started Falck Northern California. They were sold on the vision of Steve Lewis, marketed their own company, developed a reputation, and came to Falck from other companies of the area. People gave up good jobs, seniority, and a host of other things to help make Falck happen, and then were laid off with no notice and two weeks severance. Falck employees have much better benefits and higher pay than those of VeriHealth, and speculation is that this was the reason Falck field personnel were released and VeriHealth were not. VerHealth dispatchers were also released, but no field personnel were affected. PlatapusSupper, Aug 2, 2013 PlatapusSupper, Aug 2, 2013 #9

"The values at Falck are different."-Robert "Boo" Heffner

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on February 24, 2016 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (1)

Voice your opinion!

Dec 30 2014 08:33 Posted by Unknown You idiots that posted complaints.... Are fired.

Apr 16 2014 05:39 Posted by Unknown

Falck took over Lifestar in NJ and without notice shut down it's operations in the Edison and Totowa NJ Locations. No notice was given to several hundred employees from those operations. Now recently there are rumors that Falck / Lifestar is giving back the Irvington, NJ and Orange, NJ ems contracts up and no one is sure if they are going to re-bid for the East Orange, NJ contract. This could affect over 100 jobs. The interview you had with Hefner doesn't say how he shuts down companies and gives a few days or no notice to the employees who helped grow the company.

Nov 13 2013 00:40 Posted by Unknown

I wish with this sit down Q&A, you would have brought up why that Falck northern california started up in concord ca, and after the acquisition of Veri-health, and the merging of the two companies, the new CEO of Falck NC (same CEO of veri-health) laid off the entire concord CA Falck staff, without notice and closed down the station, without the option to keep any of the employees

Verihealth a Veritable Villan Amongst Ambulance Firms

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on February 20, 2016 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

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RatingEek! Methinks not.Meh. I've experienced better.Elyse B.

Petaluma, CA

Art I.

Sebastopol, CA

1.0 star rating 12/29/2014

I was transported 10/28/2014 from sutter hospital to California pacific in San Francisco. On the ride there three people 1 driver 1 in the passenger seat and one in the back with me. I had a tube down my throat and arms and legs were restrained.

All three were have a conversation about moving to different ambulance company. Then out of the the driver asked the the in the back with me "how's the patient " he replied by saying oh he is your typical meth head. I was so in-raged if I could of I would beat his ass. Would like to know how I can find him now after my heart surgery. His face is forever in my head. Totally unprofessional.

Was this review …?

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Janet L.

Petaluma, CA

1.0 star rating 1/21/2015

I can't beleive these folks can get away with charging $2,496.74 for an ambulance ride for a total of 3 miles, non emergency?

My 96 year old Mom was transfered from Memorial Hospital in Santa Rosa to Summerfield Health Center in Santa Rosa and was charged above amount. I call this highway robbery. I am wondering who ordered this ambulance and why has Medicare and United Healthcare not paid. "We filed a claim with your insurance, the balance has been disallowed in whole or part. This portion is your responsability". Shame of Verihealth...

Was this review …?

Useful 2

Tony R.

Ferndale, CA

1.0 star rating 9/25/2014

I am very disappointed in the services my father received on Sept 16, 2014. He was in critical condition and the driver drove erratically as if she were a New York cab driver who had no idea where they were going. She was asked several times to slow down by myself and the other care providers with my father to no avail. When we arrived at the hospital and I confronted her she said offered no apologies or acknowledgement of her behavior to me. I feel my father would have been in better hands had we taken a cab and the trip would have been a lot less expensive.

Was this review …?

Useful 1

Patrick R.

Sebastopol, CA

86 friends

53 reviews

1.0 star rating 6/26/2012

1 check-in

WOW this place is 100% GARBAGE!!!!!!!!! MOST EXPENSIVE AMBULANCE IN CALIFORNIA!!! So awhile back I had pretty bad gal stones and I had to go to the emergency room at a hospital in Sebastopol. Since the hospital in Sebastopol is a complete joke and told me nobody there was capable of doing a gal bladder removal they had to call an ambulance to transport me to Petaluma Valley Hospital.

The Verihealth ambulance crew showed up and I walked to the gurney and climbed on it. Being a paramedic in San Francisco the only topic the EMT in back with me wanted to talk about was how cool it must be. Also being a paramedic I know what should be done on transports as far as taking blood pressures, asking pain levels and so on. Not a single thing was done that any normal BLS crew would do. The entire trip to Petaluma consisted of me listening to the EMT in back talk about how he is going to be going to paramedic school and asking if I can get him a job.

Once we reached Petaluma Valley Hospital they brought me in lowered the gurney and I walked to the bed in my room. The crew left and I went on with my life.

About 2 weeks later I get a bill in the mail from Verihealth for over $3,000!!!!!! REALLY!!!! A simple little transport from Sebastopol to Petaluma is over $3,000!!! Not once during the transport did they even do anything medically related. So I called them to ask if there was a mistake. All they said is how are you going to be paying. So I emailed the owner of the company and he told me I had to talk to the billing department. So 4 calls and 4 messages later i get a call back. The message said "we were told by your insurance that you received a check that is supposed to go to us please call and mail us a check." They didn't even bring up any of my calls. Also the only letter I got from my insurance was letting me know Verihealth was trying to double bill them. So I guess the billing department is just as incompetent to returning phone calls as they are to doing their jobs.

So I send another email to the owner and he tells me to contact the patient advocate to ask any questions. OK so I do that and leave yet ANOTHER message asking them to send the paperwork I need to fill out to get a copy of my PCR. I wanted a copy of that to see what exactly they were billing me for and what the ambulance crew SAID they did. Well they called me back after a couple days and asked again how I planned on paying them then let me know I could not have a copy of my PCR over the phone......yea thanks that's why I asked for you to send the paperwork to my house so I could fill it out and get it. But still they refused to send it.

It really doesn't seem like anyone at Verihealth has any idea what they are doing or how to handle people. They are your typical ambulance company who could care less about your health and only worry about their money. If you go to a hospital that uses this joke of a company refuse it and just drive yourself. How they have any contracts in Sonoma County is beyond me. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! Also if I were anybody who needs to go to the hospital try to avoid hospitals that use them for transport.

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Patricia B.

San Francisco, CA

1.0 star rating 4/15/2013

Watch out for billing department. Not easy or pleasant to deal with. Problem was resolved but not very easily

Was this review …?

Useful 2 

Yelper M.


1.0 star rating 8/13/2010

First to Review

very disappointing indeed. signed up for a needed class online, paid the $160 fee, arranged for time off from work.. only to get a voice mail after the fact informing me that the class was canceled and shouldn't have been offered online.

sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

someone needs to start paying attention.

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Lone Defender of Justice Speaks Out Against Corrupt Ambulance Firm

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on February 15, 2016 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Verihealth Inc 200 Montgomery Drive # D Santa Rosa, CA 95404 - Phone: (707) 303-8000 Web:

Gary A Tennyson Zodiac Sign Capricorn Gender Male Professional Status President at Verihealth Inc Title: President Company: Verihealth Inc


07/31/2013 By Teresa McCallion

Gary Tennyson's rogue corporation Lays off 40 following purchase of Verihealth.

Less than one year after launching operations, Falck has laid off nearly the entire East Bay operations of its Northern California office, replacing them with staff. 

Petaluma, CA — President for Falck Northern California Corp. Gary Allen Tennyson has been associated with seven companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a eleven year period with the most recent being incorporated in April of 2012. One of the companies is still active while the remaining six are now listed as inactive.

As David Severn, operations manager for Anderson Valley Ambulance Service found out the hard way, Gary Allen Tennyson was dead serious about his twitter credo

"don't care what you think, you weren't there at the time." 

David Severn, from his groundbreaking post of April 22, 2015:

Being fully retired after a 12-year stint as a volunteer EMT responder while consecutively serving most of that time as operations manager for the Anderson Valley Ambulance Service, I feel I can speak my piece about Mendocino County's emerging ambulance controversy. In 2013, Ukiah Ambulance was purchased by Medstar just about the same time as an interloper by the name of Verihealth showed up in Mendocino County and started taking 911 calls. Verihealth could move in because Mendocino has no EOA (Exclusive Operating Area) in place that would limit emergency response to a single provider.

Verihealth had no in-County headquarters. We would find them perched vulture-like along State Street both North and South, thus providing themselves maximum billboard visibility and in an advantaged position to respond to emergencies. Stories started to circulate of local established Ukiah/Medstar and usurper Verihealth/Falck ambulances racing each other to 911 calls. Many of us in the responder community were baffled why anyone would want any part of such a low call volume and therefore low economic return. And most of us were worried about the hit that Ukiah Ambulance (now Medstar) would take from the predatory, outside-based newcomer. The answer soon became known within Mendocino EMS circles.
Verihealth had been purchased by an outfit named Falck and they wanted to become the official EMS provider for the Sonoma Raceway — probably for the high visibility and prestige. The hangup was that to do so required that Verihealth/Falck must be providing 911 emergency response within the Coastal Valley EMS Agency jurisdiction. Falck, a Danish Company and the largest ambulance service provider in the world, has the resources to do what it wants and it was doing just that. 

Combined with Falck Northern California’s new operation, Verihealth has a staff of more than 300 employees and a fleet of 50 ambulances.” Here in Mendocino we have seen the backs of Verihealth ambulances in Ukiah turned into billboards now advertising their involvement with Sonoma Raceway. With a call volume that hovers around 150 calls per year there is no way in Hades that ALS in Anderson Valley is economically viable.

The upshot: An exclusive operating area contract will be put out to bid. But who can outbid the largest, richest ambulance company in the world? The Danish conglomerate will win by lowballing the initial contract period and then on the second go around, with Medstar pushed totally out of the picture, come back with whatever they feel they can get out of Mendocino County's ambulance services. I'd call this Walmarting EMS except for the fact that Walmart at least gives lower prices and Verihealth/Falck will be free to charge whatever they can squeeze from our pockets because of a noncompetitive market.

Phase Two
Whenever it was hinted to them that Verihealth was an usurper, corporate picture painters would point out that Verihealth had actually been doing inter-facility transfers (IFTs) in Mendocino since 2010. Most of us “in the trucks” — volunteers doing 911 responses — weren't that up to date on IFTs other than hearing occasionally that as non-emergency services they were the bread and butter of medical transport. And if you thought the Medstar vs Verihealth/Falck issue would be napping until June you are wrong. On January 13th of this year a civil matter was placed before the Superior Court of California, County of Mendocino by Medstar Ambulance as Plaintiff vs VeriHealth; Falck; Adventist Health Systems West; Gary Tennyson (Verihealth), Sean Sullivan (Falck) and Does 1-100 as defendants.

The Plaintiff, Medstar, alleges that Adventist Healthcare Systems West (AHSW) operated or operates a transfer or dispatch business through which it dispatched ambulances and other non-emergency vehicles for inter-facility transfers and other transportation purposes. At some point Adventist contracted with Verihealth/Falck to operate the transfer center and dispatch ambulances and other non-emergency vehicles. Verihealth/Falck was authorized to use various names used by Adventist.

The gist of what happens in this situation, and these are my words not those of the suit itself, is that as a medical vehicle dispatching agent Verihealth/Falck was given what we emergency response people would call a “face sheet” which includes various important info on the transport including but not limited to nature and level of transport as well as the insurance status of the person being transported. 

Higher levels of transport pay more money than others and certain methods of insurance pay more money than others. It is alleged by Medstar that by having this information Verihealth/Falck was able and did repeatedly guide the lucrative transports to its vehicles and the lower paying transfers to Medstar. Medstar further alleges that all of those named as defendants did either conspire to commit, participated in, approved and/or ratified the wrongful acts of Verihealth/Falck. Ukiah Ambulance, now known as Medstar, like Anderson Valley Ambulance Service, has been a steady performer in Mendocino County EMS. Whenever a local call appeared to possibly need a higher level of care than we could provide, Ukiah Ambulance was paged and they responded.

Not once in my 12 years was a patient outcome compromised because of our basic life support level service. Mendocino County deserves the steady and reliable service of locally owned and operated EMS not a corporate global giant with the same ethics of all the other One Percenters. 


Compromised Public Safety Concerns in Sonoma County

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on December 25, 2015 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (0)

There’s been much controversy in the press regarding the unveiling of secret combinations amongst certain public officials in various local law enforcement agencies. The virus that is gossip discovering the virus of corruption., as it were , as it yet remains. All of the murders of blacks coming to light because of the influx of smartphone photography that now stands at the ready to capture any and all moments of life from the ghetto to Nob hill. And capture it it has.

Caught up in the web of cameras everywhere are the true nature of a secret police subculture of bigotry that proactively limits the black population by shootings like the many examples to surface in 2015. Having taken the law into their own hands --rather than simply enforcing it as is their sworn duty—the police are faced with a firestorm of bad publicity that has eroded public trust and confidence in their fidelity. So much so that the cop on the beat and local law enforcement at large has begun to feel its effects. Doing their jobs has become more difficult for public safety officials and likely to get more difficult still.

Now whose fault is that? Take a look in the mirror Sheriff Freitas and other public safety heads across the county. In the past the police were able to cover up their ritual killings of blacks with the same lame excuses that they offered in 2015 and 2016. Only now their justifications for killing their black suspects rather than issuing a ticket or taking them to jail don’t hold up against the conflicting –and compelling-- evidence of the omnipresent mobile computing devices also known as cell phones.

Sonoma law enforcement continues to cover its tracks by covering up for its murderous staff, after all, as Sheriff Freitas maintains, it's tough recruiting these days. 


Compromised Public Safety Concerns in Sonoma County:


Santa Rosa Police" target="_blank">Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas

Napa Police

Highway Patrol

Corruption is not only endemic in these agencies, but also in San Francisco. There and in Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties it has been in place so long, and achieved such a level of seamless cooperation as to become virtually systemic.

The Dark Side of the Police Force: In the Shadows: Sonoma Police Accept Artfully Disguised Bribery

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on December 3, 2015 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

The police, these fearless public servants are ere on the frontlines in the war between civilization and anarchy. As such --just like soldiers in the their foxholes-- they oft develop a deep feeling of camaraderie. Generally that camaraderie is a good thing. But there is a dark side to this brotherhood whose presence pops up in the press from time to time. Seemingly with no impact on the continuation of corruption, the former is illustrated in scandals involving them:

· LA police and firefighters routinely file excessive and questionable workers compensation claims for mostly bogus injuries.

· 22 SFPD employees linked to racist, homophobic texts

· Video of excessive force and brutality used in an arrest of a middle-aged Santa Rosa woman by Sonoma County Sheriff's Deputy Charles Blount directly contradicted the officer's sworn statement and court testimony.

· Taser International was roundly criticized for bankrolling the mass" target="_blank">conflict of interest of Police Chiefs whose departments signed major contracts with the firm.

America needs it heroes. Society wouldn't survive long without them, but living with them can also be problematic. Authoritative figureheads --like the local chief of police-- who explain to the public the how's and why's of crime. And what they are doing about it. The public doesn't like to contemplate the possibility that their trust in such figures is misplaced.


"What. Me Fire a Warning Shot?"

Try to tell that to the friends of the late Andy Gomes or to the African American community. Of course the Sonoma County Sheriff himself had nothing directly to do with the gunning down of the Hispanic youth holding a toy gun by a trigger-happy deputy. 

It is perhaps too much to expect of Sheriff Freitas to be held accountable for the work of his minions. The sheriff certainly did fail to inculcate the virtues and benefits of the warning shot into the rank and file. A real man and a true public-minded sheriff might have taken responsibility for the actions of his staff. Rather than sit idly by on the sidelines while everyone but he looked into the tragic incident. 

It is now widely recognized that the police in America have for decades --rather than issuing a ticket-- taken every opportunity to take the lives of their black suspects for relatively minor offenses. Wrongs that had a white man been guilty of would have normally merited a mere comparative slap on the wrist, if that.

Statistics and mobile phone videos are finally making clear that there is a conspiracy amongst certain segments of law enforcement to indulge in the fulfilling of the height of their racial hatreds. Most African Americans probably won't need a lot of convincing of the now not so private racist agenda of the police.

By using deadly force for minor violations of the law, before the advent of the smart phone, police were able to indiscriminately gun down innocent and guilty blacks alike. Filling out their fictitious incident reports to their liking. Covering up this fact, highlighting whatever false evidence seemed appropriate in order to substantiate their continued misuse of the tools of law enforcement.

For example: take the BART shooting of an unarmed black man in Oakland for example. Shortly after that police officer was punished for his obviously racially motivated killing of his suspect, rather than bringing him in for his legal right to a hearing. The suspect's best friend was then also murdered as well.

Who had a motive for the second murder? Was it merely a coincidence, or was it the exacting of a racially infused retribution by police officers with white supremacist leanings?


Callous Reaction to Killing of Hispanic Youth: Indicative of Systemic Deception of Sonoma County Sheriff

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on August 6, 2015 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Sonona County Sheriff Freitas: Ongoing Corruption Probe

Corruption of Sheriff, of Police and Fire Chiefs the Rule, NOT the Exception in Sonoma County

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office are themselves under investigation for their complicity in the abuse of prisioners in a lawsuit filed in US District Court naming Sheriff Steve Freitas and members of the Detention Division.

Under Sheriff Freitas' watch, the pressing need for better oversight of the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department came glaringly into focus. Case in point: The out of control Sonoma County Sheriff's Deputy who callously gunned down a hispanic teenager with a toy gun without so much as a warning shot.

Eulalio Pena SANTA ROSA, CA 10 months ago Liked 4

He needs to be held accountable for murdering a teenager. Just because he's a police officer, doesn't give him the right to kill. He is governed by same laws, last I understood.

Would Andy Gomes be alive today if he was a white teenager instead of Hispanic, yes.

Sonoma County Gazette April 15, 2015: Local journalist Zoe Tummillo reports, "It is true that there is an abuse of power."    

Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas for instance, hypothetically speaking of course, from his position atop Sonoma County Sheriff's Department, he could easily routinely cover up murder and "who's to know?"

Now isn't that a service that organized crime wouldst covet? To add to his value, Freitas can also offer, in his duel role as the County Sheriff and the County Coroner, to bury any case that his organized crime bosses desire.

Reasoning of organized crime: If you can corrupt one police chief then you control the whole police department. More bang for the organized crime buck. Men like Sheriff Freitas --above reproach-- are the ideal candidates as covers for organized crime's activities in Sonoma County.

A misplaced siren here, a threatening comment there to targets designated by those doing the bribing. Oh does that say bribing, scratch that and put, "Great price on that new car, vacation, home loan, donation to the Sheriff's reelection fund…"

Unless and until Sheriffs on the take like Sheriff Freitas come forward and not only admit their perfidy in accepting ongoing cleverly disguised financial support from organized crime. But also identify all those involved in that process for criminal charges. That is how long the systemic subversion of Sonoma County law enforcement and other public services --such as the fire department-- by organized crime will continue unabated.

A long held dirty secret is the Ku Klux Klan-like Police subculture that rewards officers with cash and other brownie points who kill blacks, harm gays and other minorities. Fueled by the passions of the upper echelons of organized crime. 

Hence the strikingly common police practice of killing blacks --or other targets of their racial disapproval such as Andy Gomes-- who resist arrest --or not-- or for any other convenient reason that sounds plausible, like PTSD.

Respectable salaries all for Sheriff Freitas. But given the cost of living in California and putting two sons through school, it's easier to understand why the Sheriff regularly accepts payments of cash, vacations and other financial considerations --some of which are filtered down to the rank and file-- from organized crime to better help make ends meet. 

Steve Freitas SHERIFF-CORONER Sonoma County, 2013  $365,105.92

Steve Freitas SHERIFF-CORONER Sonoma County, 2012  $348,771.19

Steve Freitas SHERIFF-CORONER Sonoma County, 2011  $344,046.52

Citizens React Via Twitter to Killing of Hispanic Youth by Sheriff's Deputy

Not everyone in the community was convinced of the sincerity of the regret expressed by the Sonoma County Sheriff about the senseless gunning down of a youth by his deputy...


Sheriff Steve Freitas is pleased to announce that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is going to conduct an independent investigation into last Tuesday's shooting that took place on Moorland Avenue in Santa Rosa.

How could anyone find that pleasing? 

Sheriff Steve Freitas announces FB I will conduct independent investigation into Tuesday's shooting





Carl LSteve RhodesMarinadawnCounty of SonomaPublic Safety USA

5:31 PM - 25 Oct 2013

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Carl L ‏@MysteryOf7Seals 28 Oct 2013

See any kids playing cowboys & Indians or 'army' like my little brother used to, feel free to bushwhack them, citizens of SR! @SonomaSheriff

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Carl L ‏@MysteryOf7Seals 26 Oct 2013

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Carl L ‏@MysteryOf7Seals 25 Oct 2013



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Anon Kopimi ‏@AnonKopimi 8 Nov 2013

@sonomasheriff Make sure you shoot first and ask questions later... in other words, S.O.P.

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Carl L ‏@MysteryOf7Seals 29 Oct 2013



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blackrambo ‏@blackrambopig 29 Oct 2013

@sonomasheriff … #childkiller Deputy Erick Gelhaus #police the real #terrorists.Wonder how many kids he killed in Iraq?

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Victor Garcia ‏@Victor88G 27 Oct 2013

@sonomasheriff @CountyofSonoma You cock-sucking pigs act like Hitler's Gestapo. Hope your bullet-proof vests fail you.



Sheriff Steve Freitas, Sonoma County Sheriff's Office

SHERIFF STEVE FREITAS: We, the undersigned, demand the immediate reassignment of Sonoma County Deputy Sheriff Erick Gelhaus from street patrol to an administrative position.


After shooting and killing Andy Lopez, Deputy Gelhaus emphasized to investigators the high level of fear he experienced – causing him to shoot when shooting was unnecessary. By his own admission, Deputy Gelhaus is a PUBLIC SAFETY HAZARD who could, in a moment of fear, kill again! Darren Wilson, the officer who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, indicated in his resignation letter that he saw his own presence on the Ferguson police force as a danger to the community and to his fellow police officers. Deputy Gelhaus' presence on the streets of Sonoma County presents a similar danger.


Sheriff Steve Freitas should learn from Darren Wilson. He should recognize that it would be better for everyone if Deputy Erick Gelhaus was taken off the street.


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brenda olguin ROHNERT PARK, CA 10 months ago Liked 4

He killed a 13 year old


Ana Calles SANTA ROSA, CA 10 months ago Liked 4

i'm signing because I want this man off of our streets where he proves to be dangerous. We the people need to step up and use our voices to demand justice!


Eulalio Pena SANTA ROSA, CA 10 months ago Liked 4

He needs to be held accountable for murdering a teenager. Just because he's a police officer, doesn't give him the right to kill. He is governed by same laws, last I understood.


Marlina Young SANTA ROSA, CA 10 months ago Liked 4

That murder needs to be fired nd put in jail .. Rest.In.Peace Andy Lopez! &Everyone who has passed away from these untrained durty cops we have to trust in..


Eliseo Avalos SANTA ROSA, CA 10 months ago Liked 3

I want justice and trigger happy cops out of our streets!


Richard Shuman WINDSOR, CA 10 months ago Liked 1

I've seen his demeanor while on duty, heard enough about his complaints by citizens, told of his mishaps as a trainer and now the shooting of a 13 yr old boy. The Sonoma County Sheriff's department is full of trigger happy, excited, over zealous deputies who abuse there authority. They are backed by the District Attorney's Office which has always ruled in favor of the deputies in all shootings calling them "Good Shoots"


Mark Campbell HOLLAND, MI 10 months ago Liked 1

Every one should be held accountable for there actions.


Susan Weaver HEMET, CA 10 months ago Liked 1

Susan Weaver


Sylvia Bracamonte ALBANY, CA 10 months ago Liked 1

I believe in justice and equality. We cannot continue to grant impunity to cops who terrorize our communities and kill our youth. It is time for change!


Patricia DeSantis YUBA CITY, CA 10 months ago Liked 1

I was unable to demand justice when my husband was killed in Santa Rosa, I will not remain silent as law enforcement takes down our young people as wel