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Name (Changed to protect the innocent): Liam Bjorn

Email Address: Withheld

Message: Hi I am a Norwegian private investigator with The Peter Gunn Agency. I have read your blog, A Brief History of Robert Boo Heffner, President and CEO of Falck. Robert Heffner was fired last year and I would like to find out how he managed the business the last year. Can you help me with that or help me to find sources who can help me? Best regards, Liam

Dear Liam, Thanks so much for joining the Copsonnuts web site! As a reward for your astute decision I will confide in you a few salient factoids regarding our illustrious subject:

· If Robert Boo Heffner was fired from Falck, he was merely “taking one for the team” to use an American baseball saying. Or he is a sacrificial lamb, or a figurehead of organized criminal interests based in Scottsdale, Arizona usa (last known address).

· He did exactly as his employers wished the first year, the last year and all of the years in betwixt! We can be fairly sure of one thing; they awarded him a golden parachute for his “outstanding services.” One of which earned him his nickname of “Boo”. He used the fleet of ambulances as a device to frighten certain subjects with their following them everywhere they go and often blaring their sirens as they sped by to some false emergency, repeating daily, to imply the impending need of the services thereof. Going so far as to block egresses at dead ends to drive home his underworld employers’ point: “Refuse our demands and we will hurt you bad!”

· His ambulance empire is only ostensibly under new ownership at best. They have been slapped upon the wrist by the publicity and as a result are feigning good behavior, for the moment.

· His work with ambulances was done in coordination with corrupted police, sheriff and fire department services to constitute a virtual shadow government that can bend justice at will to perverse heights. “Murder For Hire” yet lives. They are a one-stop shop.

· All financed from the original nest egg of the USN Money Orders’ Company’s of nyc of late, very late indeed (mid-1970’s) once upon a time treasury. It appears they have remained active through various inside jobs (an M.O. if ever there was one) coordinated expertly between all above agencies plus lawyers, politicians you name the public official, they can get to them.

· They can rub anyone out and make it an accident through the above network, sanitized, with a ribbon of legalese. Also there is a strong occult element in play. If you start finding urine in weird places…lookout!


If possible, please send a link about Mr. Heffner’s latest firing from Falck?

Best regards,

Sherlock Pwahrow

The United States Of America: The Fourth Reich?

If they only knew, that's the criminal beauty of it. No one ever knows or suspects; it is always made to seem an accident or made out by the sheriff/coroner to be a death by natural causes. Perhaps ‘tis better that the friends and family members of the dear departed never know for what good would that do to know that the police, sheriff and fire departments of Nor Cal have supported and indeed were and continue to be the very means for an ongoing and never-ending string and streak of institutionalized crime and murder that would make heir Hitler proud.

One hand washes the other explains so much. If you know where to look you will find an army of policeman, sheriffs, fireman with their hands out and being rewarded for secret acts of violence and dereliction of duty that has established a shadow government from the ruins of the confederacy and the wits of organized crime.

Remember it was the effective methods of the South in corralling the black population into a second, third and fourth class citizenship with their creative interpretations of separate but equal. This inspired Hitler to his at least temporarily effective application of that cruel Southern style of justice as a way to neutralize the Jewish population back in the day.

It must have been thought to be expedient when they awarded that already very powerful peace officer the Sonoma County Sheriff with the additional position of Coroner. Like he probable didn’t already have enough to do. This gave the sheriff the opportunity to become a one-stop shop for crime analysis and such. But it also empowered him to become the judge, jury, executioner and funeral service all rolled into one should he choose to go in that direction. And yes he has chosen to go and continue to go that way. For in that way lies the money and the personal power of personal enrichment that continues to be the driving force of the force and not the golden rule of to serve and protect but rather to obfuscate and to talk it all off through a practiced duplicity that would be the envy of Goring himself.

One reason that it is so easy for this corrupt yet from some perspectives admirably successful organization to hide their transgressions is that they control the police and do so through cloyed violence, threats thereof an cleverly disguised accidents or medical snafus like an accidental overdose, allergic reaction, suicide or other convenient explanation. Through a system of thievery from public and private sources like overcharging on fees for welfare, unemployment and other public assistance checks at check cashing services and skimming off of various city, county and state treasuries using tag teams of lawyers and politicians they have long waxed rich. So rich and so long that they have grown to become a shadow government. One that could kill the Kennedy’s in one breath and torch the World Trade Center to cover up the real target of building Seven with its criminal records in another. It is an example of successful criminality on a scale of which could only happen in America.

Those few who do put two and two together have little recourse because so cleverly have they worked all of the legal and illegal angles alike; up and down the food chain of justice or alleged justice: cops, robbers, Sonoma city councilman, lawyers, doctors, nurses, ambulance attendants, Sonoma County fireman and more, that resistance is generally futile or worse.

Could the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez been correct when he labeled the United States “The Great Satan”? Soon after his declaration he was dead, just a coincidence or did the dark knights behind the nation that he denounced as an exporter of terrorism and permanent aggression swoop down and silence the troublesome South American honcho? What if old Hugo was right, Dictator, Prophet or both?

And not only that, if you believe in the concept of evil, of the existence of the devil, Satan and the occult, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Even if you do not subscribe to the existence of the devil you should at least acknowledge that those that do can and do summon from their belief of its powers a certain negative psychic energy that can manifest in real world calamities. Those states can power believers of such ancient rites and rituals like the occult practice of prefacing a sinister act by urinating in the path of its intended victim. If such rites have survived and flourished throughout the ages mustn’t there be something, however evil, to it? Like the devil rule number whatever that if you cleverly off your brother or torture your mother upon her death bed you some how gain rewards points with the devil or whatever evil entity or power that may be so summoned and impressed. But what if behind all of the siphoned public and private funds controlling a corrupt Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department lies a will so sinister that it embodies the very concept of evil, do you believe?

You don’t have to necessarily. If you prefer hard facts here is one; the many lives that have been destroyed and continue to be in this corporeal world were very real until…

So vicious and effective are their methods that not a one in a million is able to withstand them. And even that lone one upon very shaky rocks indeed.

Will anything that the Democrats are able to accomplish be but a temporary window dressing on the United States of America’s continuing spiral down the same path as Nazi Germany but upon a much larger scale? For if the military industrial complex continues working together with organized crime, occultists and white supremacists behind the closed doors of government, “Welcome to the Fourth Reich.”

All of the above working together for one purpose; that of great power and wealth for the few privileged whites and the shaft for everyone else, you be the judge, haven’t they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams? Hail the Fourth Reich, fall in line or be run over, or both.


THE UNITED POLICE, SHERIFF'S AND FIRE DEPARTMENTS OF NORCAL: THE NEW FRONT LINES OF FASCISM Great wine, Tuscan estates and beautiful vistas are but a few of the many wonders and similarities between Italy and the Napa Sonoma region. Both are cradles of fascism. The police and fire departments of the above mentioned must be put back in their proper place as servants of the community they serve by a true civilian oversight committee with real authority to decide on controversial police matters and other such matters of public import. Said committee must have the power to impose discipline or even removal of any public safety officer brought before it. It must be composed of a diverse group of citizens of all races and appropriate Creed's. If not, we shall continue down the current path towards a fascist state. Corrupt police officers such as those sheriffs patrolling forestville have no remorse for the great damage that they do to the public. Because from Their very first day as a cadet right up until now,they are extremely well compensated by organized crime with new cars and trucks, free homes and luxurious vacations. It is the grievous work of this blog to report on the ever growing mountain of evidence of corruption in the local police force of NorCal. The former routinely harass Sonoma county voting officials in the line of duty. Also target for their illegal surveillance and harassments are journalists.

Napa Fire Department Creates another false emergency in violation of the law. from cops on nuts dott comm on Vimeo.

Such as dive bombing them with their helicopters, airplanes and drones and creating false emergencies. If that isn't a Hallmark of fascism Mussolini was a democrat. That dear reader, in a democracy is a treasonable offense. In view of the fact that the police and fire chiefs of NorCal are all in the pockets of organized crime, this renders the entire rank and file little more than a group of hired thugs. Thugs just as likely to commit a crime as to solve one. This June 2018, NorCal ifornians are advised to vote against all incumbents. The new batch are likely to be just as corrupt, but at least it might slow them down some. POLICEMAN- POLICE THY SELF TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT IT'S FUNNY HOW THE WORST CRIMINALS OF ALL TURN OUT TO BE THE SANTA ROSA POLICE , HA, HA, HA. SINCE THEY PERFORM THEIR ATROCITIES WITH THE lax oversight of the LOCAL AUTHORITIES, WHO ARE IN the POCKETS OF AND ACT ON THE BEHEST OF A CRIME BOSS IN SCOTTSDALE. THEIR criminal application of law enforcement does keep the peace. For providing that great service, they take it for granted that they themselves may orchestrate any manner of mischief they see fit. For "who's to know?", is their reasoning. Even when they do knowz, what can the law abiding citizen do if it's the police themselves that are the criminals in sheep's clothing? As long as the peace is kept, the police have a free hand for their own private elicit enterprises. Do you really think that the San Francisco police are satisfied with the, in THEIR minds, picayune compensation scheme the taxpayers offer, however broke they have become supplying it? The only logical explanation for the preposterously large number of auto break-ins in San Francisco is that the police are in for a piece of the action. As for the late mayor, God rest his soul. However, those stuck with the mess that he left behind must face the reality that he did zero about the car break ins. Worse, the situation grew up right under his nose as the cheif of police. It might be true that for a policeman with ambition, the only way to get great riches is by working both sides of the fence. The Santa Rosa police would certainly seem to believe that. Teaming with bribery so cleverly disguised that it blends perfectly with the city and county's cooked books. As Edward R. Murrow maintained, controversy makes for good television. That must be doubly true for the Internet. If so and that is something you find entertaining yes and informing, then you have come to the right place. The police are going to great lengths to say the least to find out what I am thinking. They wrest my thoughts with the new thought theft devices they have that remain secret from the taxpayers. They sound as a constant ringing in the ear and may create headaches and skin rashes. The machine is portable and can be deployed in the air via one or possibly more aircraft. No matter, there's nothing hidden that shall not be revealed. That's especially true nowadays. But the dream police should be careful what they wish for, lest they get it... Just so if the pen 'tis mightier than the sword how much mightier still be the blog?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 'tis to be determined yet................................................................................................................... here goes... Just what liberties do those that enforce the law in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Solano and San Francisaco Counties take in order to maintain the order? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? That's the question. This web site is the beginning of the answer. And what sort of order has been imposed upon the blacks and other minorities? Simply the due process of the law?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? As interpreted by a secretive band of WHITE SUPREMACISTS, steeped in OCCULT PRACTICES, WHO JUST HAPPEN TO CONTROL LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE ABOVE MENTIONED COUNTIES. *********************************************************************************** The media is controlled by the police when it comes to their image. This web site is a small attempt to begin to correct that imbalance. When the Police control the dissemination of news and vital public information, such as in the cities and County of Sonoma, fascism and white supremacists have an easy go of it. What's the difference between the Sheriff and the Police? One wears a darker uniform and one has more power to write off the murders of blacks and other minorities. That would be the Sonoma County Sheriff in his very inadvisable duel role as Coroner. The Cotati and Rohnert Park Police, Sonoma Highway Patrol, yes they all look great and sexy on the local news show, who must play along if they want in on any future scoops. So you have the entrenched system of corruption where one hand washes the other hand. If the Cotati Police happen to get in trouble, say for creating numerous false emergencies for profit, like the one they created in Cotati in front of the Spanky's and Tradewinds bars on the night of September 29, 2017. All they need do is to refer the matter to the Sonoma County Sheriff for an "impartial" review.

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California Highway Patrol or RAT PATROL?

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on December 7, 2017 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)
All of the different jurisdictions and flavors of law enforcement work together to keep the peace. That teamwork, bought and paid for by taxpayers ostensively, really is going to fund greater AND greater control of Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Solano and especially San Francisco counties by organized criminals through systems of theivery involving lawyers, politicians and police. What's in a name? Sports stadiums offer up for the highest bidder the naming rights to the home of the local sports team; and so often will sell off the heart and soul of the community along with it. Great for bottom lines, but for fostering a sense of civic pride, no so well. Just so the California Highway Patrol is up for sale to organized crime. Oh it is just as well that you dear reader have been shielded for so long from the fact that there are no shortage of rats in the California Highway Patrol who willingly subvert their sworn duties to moonlight for wealthy patrons. Lending their god given shields to sully the name of law enforcement. In that unfortunately it is no different than Sonoma County's other police and fire agencies. Due to the limitations of jurisdiction, the Highway Partol was created to bridge the gaps between the different police agencies where they lose their authority. Great and that fulfills an ongoing need for full enforcement of the law. What is it like though for the officers themselves, for they develop little sense of community fighting law enforcement's battles. Because of that the Highway Patrol doesn't really belong to one community. They are, instead not members of any community, a roving faceless shock troop. And if they are in line with the overwhelming majority of other police agencies nationwide, mostly white supremacists dispensing lethal force disproportionately to blacks and other minorities. Yet the white law abiding citizen need not be smug in this regard. Because when one portion of the population can be so targeted, how far behind can other groups whom may fall out of their favor be? The police who for decades and maybe even centuries have systematically deprived the blacks and other minorities of impartial enforcement of the law. Is law enforcement for sale, ask any black. Though the author be white, he might presume to assert that blacks and other minorities would be well pleased if for once they could be treated equally before the kangaroo courts instead of bravely bearing the ongoing in field assassinations as well documented by smart phone cameras throughout the USA. The Highway Patrol pays lip service to the concept of diversity yet on the whole they remain lily white and like it just fine that way thank you kindly.

Sonoma County Sheriff, Highway Patrol, Napa Police, Petaluma Police, One Hand Washes the Other Hand

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on November 17, 2017 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (0)
The sublimely efficient thing about the method of One Hand Washes the Other Hand: *It's simple- easy to inculcate into the impressionable young mind of the police cadet. The select few of which are trained from the very beginning of their careers in the deceptive ways of corruption. Such as methods of inducing suicide in certain subjects through observation of and then attacking that person's family, associates and other interests or goals. *Everyone gets a piece of the action. *The only limit to its successful implementation is the honesty of public officials. Any recalcitrant can be leaned on too fall in line. Over time these methods have yielded great power to organized white supremacist organizations within the Sonoma County Sheriff, Fire and ambulance services. At the end of the day, when the media are all safely tucked into bed, the Sonoma County Sheriff is not going to honestly investigate himself. Nor is he dumb enough to hand off any such investigation to anyone other than a fellow crony who will some day soon also need help covering up his department's latest committed atrocity. "One hand washes the other hand." Their sins, are forgiven of their own authority. So what do they do? They pretend to have an authentic investigation of say that poor Hispanic teenager in Roseland or Sebastopol, California where to sanitize the poor police work of the trigger happy deranged vet, the sheriff shuffles the investigation off to another brother agency for sanitizing. A basic human want is to leave behind concrete achievements of some kind that will serve as a testament to their existence. The criminal mind is no different in this regard. When seasoned with the boundless enthusiasm of a psychopathic desire to establish some kind of fourth reich this can take bizarre forms indeed. Many are not so clear yet very present, even omni so. When these attributes are backed by billions of dollars in organized crime booty you get well, the Sonoma County Sheriff, The Santa rosa Police Department, The Petaluma Fire Department and so on. Where white supremacy holds court and sway. This is the root of the many false emergencies being experienced by those communities and promulgated by the aforementioned government bodies. It seems that even most of the Sonoma County Sheriff's vehicles are also white, possible connection there. .

Parable of theFallen Great Man

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on November 13, 2017 at 4:00 AM Comments comments (0)
He wanted to be Hitler and Mussolini All in one And more To some extent he succeeded conducting a most successful war on justice Bending the Services of Fire and Police Ambulance and taxi Aircraft galore All to his own Corrrupt and perverse will But he couldn't stop the fires of the Keeper of the Winds There's always the crooked private dicks strong enough a mix To still get the job done

Psalm of the Corrupt Fireman

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on October 18, 2017 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)
O Santa Rosa Why hath not The Lord of Nature Blessed you this year as always O Fireman Why hath thine very house tumbled to the ground as a burnt offering? The candle of deceit thee yes and thine have lit in secret hath blown up to these conflagrations As thy sins against your oaths Even now you can not read the signs the evil winds of Napa and Santa Cruz Are but a reflection on your ongoing ruse Have you ever felt in the past His power at your side Where is it now Why has it forsaken thee Look in the cobwebs of your heart Until you do and confess thy actions His hand is strecthed out still Keeper of the Winds

Is Public Safety for Sale?

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on October 1, 2017 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)
Who holds the Sonoma County Sheriff accountable. No one really. A few showpiece investigations here, a lot of noise to distract there, Look a new citizen's advisory council, a convenient funding cut by the entity being investigated hides the ongoing perfect crimes still in progress. Organized crime is so entrenched in Sonoma County that money allocated to investigate it is used to pay the ongoing bribes to assure it's continued preeminence. As it happens, a father and son team out of NYC by way of Queens having successfully embezzled billions from an unfortunate money order firm , coordinated with the armored car company and a bevy of ny's finest corrupt cops staged the perfect heist and after basking in a country club prison for a few months counted their blessings in the cayman islands. They it is young skywalker who are behind an incredible accomlishment in the annals of crime. So they come to the state of california to ply their trade. The two have amassed a private army of corrupt police. And it does not appear to be getting any smaller. 60 minutes once had something of a line on them, where are you now, your country needs you!!! Remember that case a while back about the black police officer who went beserk and started gunning down his fellow officers? What if he had a good reason or was driven to it by the white supremesist actions of his own fellow officers? That case needs to be reopened with this slant:. Not enough credence was given to the police officer's distinguisehed service record as a veteran and police officer up until that point. Assuming he really wasn't crazy, but reacting as any sane man should of to the continuation of occult practices within his department demanding murders be committed. And what if those murders were focused upon his immedate family? There must unfortunately be some focusing of mental energies that accompanies their sick rites. As they have amassed an inordinate amount of power here in the golden state. They started small, nickle and diming their unfortunate welfare clients to death in the sleazy underworld that controlled the check cashing services of jamaica queens, new york. New York's finest were held in servitude by a steady flow of complimentary cigarettes with twenty dollar bills tucked in their accompanying matchbooks. Well that was the seventy's, when twenty bucks actually bought a few things. So over the years their relationship grew until they were a well oiled machine. The police kept the blacks in Queens at bay and looked after the little chain of check cashing services like a mother and her golden gooses. Until the piece de resistance, the cleaning out of the money order company's treasury with the cover up well in place for the inside job of the seventy's. Ask singer edie moni about it , he would know something of it from his time in the force. Though he wisely got out before the big heist took place. He wouldn't squeel though because he would know the fate of stool pigeons. Some people buy into the whole mob culture proving it is a mad mad mad world. Fast forward to today and they are getting on in years and must hone their replacement to continue their villany throughout the ages. That's what all of the craziness of sirens blaring for no apparent reason throughout sonoma county is about. Many have had to notice but like the complacent citizens of nazi Germany did nothing to stop it when they could. Everyone knows that the police are entitled to many benefits. some think not quite enough and so take matters into their own hands. Look at the results, the policeman's union has the state of california by the balls financially and in other areas as well. If it quacks like a duck...

Crooked Sheriff Awarded Golden Parachute by Corrupt Board of Supervisors

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on October 1, 2017 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)
Immediately after an incriminating blog post Sheriff Freitas, the man who gave his deputy a blank check to murder a teenager by rubber stamping his terrible police work in gunning down an unarmed teen, suddenly developed a severe case of being afraid of being caught in the employ of orgainized crime and therefore called it quits. Deserting his community in it's hour of need. As if organized crime hasn't already lined his pockets enough, a Sonoma County Board of Supervisors voted him a fat golden parechute in the form of a phony medical retirement. Why reward a quitter, what kind of message does that send? It's easy to award local heroes with other peoople's, taxpayers, your money. Who has to pay, you do. That's why Sonoma County will soon follow in the City of Stockton's footsteps. Sometimes a golden watch is all the community can really afford. The most successful criminals partner with as many elemants of government as can be bribed (translation: ALL). Organized crime, working together with law enforcement is an unbeatable combination. By regularly fleecing the taxpayers with inflated contracts to bogus private firms like cornerstione, partnering with lawyers to wrap systemic embezzlement in a neat bow to form an ongoing perfect crime. Those "in" on the arrangement, such as Director and Smart Train Executive Farhad Mansourian, profit hansomely from inflated salaries, illegal overtime, sweethart contracts, government job appointments, raises, new vehicles, residences, and compensation far above that of their peers. Commit the crime, investigate the atrocity, pin it on a black. Repeat. Until cops on the take come clean and finger their criminal benefactors, it remains possible to buy the influence of law and order and lord it over other private citizens. But cops on the take like Sheriff Freitas will never be true men because they know what will happen to their families should they ever fathom such a righteous act as doing the real poilice work of bringing to justice those that have bought his "favors". Yes he knows all too well because he enjoyed dishing it out but would rather avoid becoming the dishee.

The Secret Culture of Police Corruption

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on September 28, 2017 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)
Occasionally evidence will surface that temporarily shines a light on the culture that underpins police corruption in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, San Francisco and other big cities and counties in California. Not that anyone knows the true implications of these rare leads. And if they do, they can expect the untimely death of their spouse, such as that incurred by a Rohnert Park journalist when he found out about "checks flying around" in the not so friendly berg. Leaks like the sexting scandals show how easy it is for the ethical conduct of the police to disintegrate. Money is power. And even the police and fire departments will soon abandon their sacred oaths when the agents of organized crime offer them personal enrichment they could never dream of on an honest dime. Powered by the deep pockets of organized crime, these unsavory elements of the police have over the years formed a kind of secret society. One of the perks and almost obligations of their memberships is for them to off a black. Then the Sheriff, in fulfilling his obligation to his shadowy benefactors, in his unadvisedly duel role as Coroner, can then easily sweep it under the legal carpet. Through fancy administrative tricks of the trade they talk it off and shove the investigation under the pile. This goes hand in hand with the occult practices of those pulling their strings in the ivory tower in Scottsdale, Arizona, home to more than just baseball's spring training. Only recently have the ubiquitousness of the smart phone camera provided a glimpse of the entrenched corruption living in many California and other cities throughout the USA. It has long been known that Hitler's atrocities were inspired to a large degree by the systematic segregation of the black population in the South. Today's citizen need not smugly relegate that distinction to the distant twentieth century. Oh, not in the least. Duterte's campaign of bloodshed in the Philippines is directly attributed to following the example of American law enforcement. Police chiefs often are working both for organized crime as well as the public, and you can see, this practice isn't limited to the USA or to the Philippines. In music there is the British Invasion, wherein the Mop Tops and other acts from England took American black music and made it their own. And so a kind of cross pollination occurred. This is what is happening in the above mentioned communities but with the criminal influence of the Nazi methods of government being once again successfully applied here in the good old US of A. And it should come as no surprise either because America gladly imported Nazi scientific knowhow. Others found different models to emulate. A Record of the Perfidies of Certain Elements of the Sheriff's and Police Departments of Sonoma, Napa,, Marin and San Francisco Counties A small but powerful sector of the police and fire establishments of the above communities are well paid indeed to do the bidding of their monied benefactors. If that involves certain occult affiliations then that is a small inconvenience to earn the college tuition of their offspring from such a golden goose. Apparently Sheriff Freitas and friends didn't care about that. But a powerful and sublimely demonic sect runs the application of the resources of the above institutions. And again this is nothing new. Police chiefs, Sheriffs and Fire Chiefs, they all need and want money. The former and above will never want for such again. But the ongoing damage to the institutions they represent is systemic and far surpasses all imagined severity of the problem of police corruption.

Father Superior Absolves Former Novato Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief of Their Sins

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on March 30, 2017 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)

In October 2011, a Battalion Chief with the Novato Fire Department filed a $6,000,000 claim against the former Chief, the Deputy Chief and the Novato Fire Protection District (NFPD). In this claim, the officer alleged that hostility directed toward him in the work environment by the chief and deputy chief had escalated to an intolerable level.

The claimant further alleged that he was retaliated against, harassed, threatened with demotion and disciplined with punitive actions by the two commanding officers. The Grand Jury was told by members of the department that the command staff was in a constant state of fear and intimidation. The claim filed by the Battalion Chief against the former Fire Chief and Deputy Chief contained serious allegations about both officers.

The NFPD Board of Directors (BOD): Director Tomas Kaselionis, Director Farhad Mansourian, Director Jim Galli, Director Lj Silverman, and President Brad Beedle voted to settle this claim for $250,000 and the officer resigned from the department. The investigation into this claim cost the NFPD an additional $100,000 in legal fees. On the face of it this might seem to have been a good deal for the NFPD BOD.

By paying out $350,000 they saved $5,650,000.00 over potentially losing the lawsuit. Basically, by paying out hush money to the Battalion Chief they confirmed that they knew and acknowledged that the disturbing charges against the former Fire Chief Marc Revere and Deputy Chief Eric Nickel were true. The question is what additional hostility; harassment, punitive actions and threats were leveled against the claimant in order to force him to accept such a truncated settlement as $250,000 and to crawl back quietly into the woodwork when he was demanding six million?

When BOD member Farhad Mansourian was asked for comment from the press about the serious allegations against these two high-level Novato Fire Department officials, public employees whose supervision, as a member of said NFPD BODs was his responsibility, and whose grossly inflated pay was rubber stamped by himself and the other docile members of that elected body, he refused to answer the question and quickly changed the subject. But special pleading is usually a sign that the books are being cooked.

Both the former Fire Chief and former Deputy Chief who were the subject of the damning law suit received extensive overtime pay, rubber stamped by Mansourian’s BOD, despite the fact that both positions are exempt from the requirement of overtime under Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) law, and there is no provision in District Policy, Memorandum of Understanding or other agreements that provide for the issuance of overtime to these officers.

The Chief and Deputy Chief had traditionally received Administrative Time Off (ATO) in lieu of overtime pay and were expected to respond to emergencies and attend night and weekend trainings and workshops as part of their responsibilities. In 2011, the former chief was paid $16,364 in overtime, and the Deputy Chief received $11,7913.

A member of the Board stated that, even though he and the rest of the BOD voted unanimously for the questionable overtime payments and grossly inflated salaries, the BOD yet somehow did not know how much overtime or special pay the former Chief and former Deputy Chief were making. When asked to comment upon the serious charges against the Fire Chief and his Deputy Fire Chief the Director would only state that, "This is the Novato Fire District, which operationally is superior." Mansourian said.

Leaving the press scratching their collective heads trying to figure out how grossly overpaying their fire department officials, fostering a workplace environment that numerous sources reported to the Grand Jury had reduced morale in the Novato fire department to an all-time low during the years the former Chief, the subject of the law suit, had run the department, could be somehow interpreted as “operationally superior”.

The Grand Jury was told by members of the department that the command staff was in a constant state of fear and intimidation. The former Deputy Chief was the highest paid public employee in the County in 2011: $407,661. • The six highest paid firefighters in the County in 2011 were all top officers of the Novato Fire Protection District. Yet Board members still expressed surprise at how much their own top staffers were making when these salaries were published online by The Mercury News, even though they again had unanimously voted in favor of them.

Novato Grand Jury Fails to Follow Through on Their Legal Obligations

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on January 26, 2017 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Cowardly Novato Grand Jury: Less than grand

Shady goings on at Northern California's dysfunctional Fire Department BODs 

In November 2013, the Grand Jury learned that a lawsuit had been filed against the Novato Fire Protection District (NFPD). Like many red-blooded Americans, they immediately seized upon any excuse to get out of jury duty. Simply because the former Fire Chief threatened to sue the NFPD, two members of the board of directors (BOD) and the interim fire chief who replaced him, alleging defamation of character, slander, and negligent misrepresentation. 

The Grand Jury proved unwilling to influence the outcome of a lawsuit that never happened between the Novato Fire Chief and the NFPD, so they suspended their own investigation. That is an outrage because the party in question soon settled for a fraction of his demands. For such a weak reason as a lawsuit that never occurred, the jurors threw away the best chance the citizens of Novato will ever have to reclaim their lost tax dollars that they overpaid to their crooked fire chiefs. The former Deputy Chief was the highest paid public employee in the County in 2011: $407,661.

The Novato Grand Jury failed to follow through on their legal obligations to foster justice by bringing to trial those involved in the conspiracy to defraud the taxpayers.

It was the Grand Jury's job to bring to justice the criminals masquerading as honorable Novato Fire Chiefs who conspired with their board of directors to defraud the City of Novato by giving themselves inflated salaries. Ultimately, in the belief that the taxpayers of Marin had a right to more volumes of information that they will never have time to look at, the Grand Jury decided to write a worthless status report --one without teeth of any kind-- that no will read. The Grand Jury report confirms that they phoned in their responsibilities without the slightest concern for justice for their city.

One can understand why of course. The jury is made up of just ordinary citizens trying to get back to their lives and can't be bothered with the disgraceful implications against their local fire officials. Just pass the buck on and turn your backs to the theft of their city's treasure. Just leave the henhouse to the wolves.

Novato Grand Jury Abdicates Responsibility: Kicks Can Of Corruption Down Road

There is no next grand jury. It is always THE Grand Jury in session now or none at all. Because of their alleged fear of interfering with a legal trial, this grand jury once again kicked the can of corruption down the road. To be looked at by some non-existent future grand jury. But what was the grand jury really afraid of, threats to their loved ones, or were they simply paid off with all of the abundant Marin taxpayer dollars that the Novato Fire Protection District loves to lavish on their fire chiefs?

What does corruption look like; the problem is that corruption doesn't usually look like anything out of the norm? It appears to all the world as nothing but business as usual.

What is worse is that even when a classic case like this spews forth, such as the case of the Board of Directors of the Novato Fire Protection District , the jaundiced public turns a blind eye. Too busy it is presumed trying to earn enough to pay for all of the taxes that the NFPD routinely overpays its top fire officials.

The Voice of The Grand Jury: Crying in the Wilderness

Worse still, the Novato Grand Jury concluded that the problems that came to light during their investigation are not unique to the NFPD board by any stretch of the imagination. In a county where there are more than 30 special districts headed by boards of directors, they concluded that, in most cases, there is very little attention paid to board performance by the voters who put them into office. Nor is it any different in Sonoma and Napa County either.

Al Terrell: Mouthpiece of Organized Crime

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It's Good to Be Chief

As a Novato grand jury observed, no one in the community has the time or inclination to follow the goings on of the various myriad local northern California fire departments. That is why and how a vast --dare we use such a loaded word-- conspiracy has blossomed from one to other of the leaderships of those organizations.


The public has become so docile about the fire services that they are willing to swallow whatever crap fire officials hand down. A few well-placed groups live high indeed upon the hog of taxpayer dollars.


The New Aristocracy: Police and Fire Chiefs

This extends to the other public safety services also: Police, Sheriffs, and Highway Patrol. While going through the motions, very admirably in general, yet they become fat on the huge entitlements a grateful public bestows.


Yes the love and admiration of the public for the men and women who man those perilous jobs knows no bounds. But it should learn some and fast. Starting with keeping a weather eye upon their fire chiefs and police chiefs.


Their powerful unions have a large portion, far too large, of the state, county and city treasuries in a perennial headlock, sown up for them in perpetuity. The police and fireman's pensions are so generous that the rank and file, especially the police and fire chiefs, help themselves to the buffet of the taxpayer's larder at will.


Throwing money at vague studies to private organizations that split the profits among those having secretly avowed themselves to "be in" on the orgy of money sucked out of Sonoma, Marin and San Francisco's treasuries.


Al Terrell and His Advisory Committee Should Be Fired and Charged with Embezzlement for Ponderous Bogus Reports


Case in point, Terrell's intentionally longwinded and obfuscating Interim Report for the Fire Services Project. He takes thirty pages of mind numbing double talk about detailed statistics with which he proves absolutely nothing.


That the Board of Supervisors rolls over and habitually grants the unions a blank check for ridiculous overpayments may show that they "are in" as well.


Terrell was brought in from Chicago, a city not unknown for its share of organized crime, to help cement the overshoes for the hardworking taxpayer. He should be fired and replaced with an SRJC college grad for half his salary. An idealistic kid with a stake in the community he or she loves is worth a thousand corrupt Terrells.


Tail Wagging the Dog: Interim Reports Detail Nothing Demand Much


Terrell refuses to be clear in his report and insists on talking in abstract terms such as "buckets." Creative accounting is the name of the game; keep digging that money pit deeper for the taxpayer with useless studies for exorbitant fees to cronies that kickback, sweet deal for everyone, so who's to know?


The current annual total identified for these “buckets” is $7.2 million. Those are some expensive buckets. Terrell must shop at the same market as the Pentagon.


First, $1 million should be set aside annually for incentivizing collaboration as discussed above and to be allocated by the Advisory Council. Payoffs are not a cost effective way to obtain collaboration.


Second, $1 million should be set aside annually for supporting volunteer recruitment and retention efforts countywide. Do you see a pattern beginning to form here?


Finally, the Advisory Committee identified that a baseline analysis called a “Standards of Cover” should be done; this cost was estimated at $150,000, because "this information would be very helpful as the recommendations above are implemented."


As any child today knows, we are living in the information age. Information in vast quantities is free for the taking with a mere Google search. Exemplifying the concept of profligate waste, Terrell demands and gets $150,000 dollars simply because he would find the information "very helpful."


Not nearly as useful as that $150,000 dollars would have been in paying down the city and county's bad fire chief benefit debts. But that is just the tip of the iceberg for Terrell's unaccounted for unwise and unjustified spending.


But no Terrell doesn't really mean what he says when he says "finally" in his report because there's still more demands for money. Then, purchase the services of a grant writer at a cost of $30,000 to pursue a 2016 volunteer recruitment and retention Aid to Firefighters grant opportunity.


You dear taxpayer should be so lucky that every time you need "help" Terrell is there to score you some of that free largess in a rebate. Instead of blowing it on the stupidity of another study that no one reads or wants. One that will find its way into the circular file before any value comes of it.


If Terrell really wants to aid firefighters, why not just give them the $30,000 instead of some writer?


The real details of Terrell's report, which to get to he forces anyone with enough coffee on hand to read through useless history lessons and even more useless statistics. Until if they possess fortitude and a remarkable capacity for calumny, they get to the part in his phony report that purports to specify, with a lot of vague promises, what they won't get.


But also what the high price is of figuring out that the taxpayer will wind up with scant little after Terrell and his Advisory cronies are done with their spending spree. Then, they purchase a set of policies and protocols known as “Lexipol” to make those available to all agencies at a cost of approximately $100,000.


This is to continue the process of standardization of operations that is one important facilitating component for a variety of further collaborations. Which are roundly opposed by the majority of fire departments in question and so will never occur. Another wasted hundred grand. That's how they do things in Chicago.


In the future, the project’s Advisory Committee recommends that the allocations generally follow the guidelines of 50% of the available funds be allocated to the Advisory Council for the first two categories above and 50% be allocated to the third category of buckets (with the understanding that anything needed for the fourth category would be taken proportionately from the first two). Understanding, huh?


Where in this whole scandalous report does it even mention any effort whatsoever to save one penny out of a perennially stressed budget? The project’s Advisory Committee also recommends that the Advisory Council be charged with making further recommendations to the Board in adjusting these allocations between and within the categories as needed based upon available funds.


At the rate that Al Terrell is spending there is little likelihood of available funds remaining. No worries, there's always borrowing. Where is the oversight here, of course the Advisory Council would recommend that themselves be further empowered to line their pockets.


But there's the rub. Terrell and his Advisory committee are never done with their demands for taxpayer funds. The future obviously isn't in plastics, but in looting the taxpayer.


The Advisory Committee did offer an additional allocation recommendation for the current fiscal year in order to assist with the allocation of the current $990,000 set aside from Prop 172 funds. You see dear reader, an allocation for an allocation, where does it end, just ask a resident of the City of Stockton.


Give us millions and millions of dollars and we will tell you later just what we do with it, is a postcard all right?