Police Often Above Law Instead of Enforcing It

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on July 30, 2014 at 11:00 AM

It's one thing enforcing the law, quite another to abide by it. One reason for that is that there are so very many of them which to keep. The police need to what? Begin to truly enforce the laws that they are sworn to uphold. Instead of flouting them by accepting cleverly disquised money from private citizens in exchange for assisting in the personal vendettas of certain wealthy patrons.

What is doubly dangerous is that the police know how to evade the law. That's because they will know what they themselves are looking for when enforcing or not enforcing the laws of the land. The corruption in the police and sheriff departments is so ongoing that it is virtually systemic.  

Have the police become above the law? In many cases yes. With the ongoing skyrocketing cost of living, the pay for being a peace officer isn't going to make anyone rich. So if an affluent patron should come along and liberally provide for the well being of the police, sherrif and fire departments in exchange for certain favors, who's to know?  

As noted in off the record: AS IS INEVITABLE in Mendocino County, where secrecy in all matters covers up all manner of official crimes and misdemeanors.

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