Irregular Chicago Hire by Sonoma County Solidifies Control of Organized Crime Over Fire Department

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on April 4, 2015 at 12:05 AM

Ever since the Sonoma County Fire department brought in Chief Alfred Terrell from outside of the area, there have been a flurry of meetings and closed-door conversations about the issue that it's become. Volunteer chiefs are especially concerned about the lasting impact on their companies that are overseen by Chief Terrell.

Snubbing a field of over seventy qualified local applicants, Sonoma County inexplicably hired an out-of-towner to operate its mish mash of ill-funded, disorganized fire departments.

This hiring sends all the wrong messages to our students studying hard right here in Sonoma County to serve their community. What it says in effect is that,

"No matter how much you strive to serve your neighborhood through faithful actions. Like following the job application process as instructed at certified local education providers such as SRJC Petaluma and SRJC Santa Rosa. Local talent, Sonoma County has zero faith in you and will not give you a chance to establish a profitable local career in public service. You can expect a runaround in an unfair hiring process that devalues your service to your local community. So you too will have to abandon your hometown in order to succeed. Leaving behind friends and family just like Alfred Terrell."

At the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors meeting in November 2013, County Administrator Veronica Ferguson made a point of noting that questions had been raised about Terrell's selection.

"We've received some concerns from the volunteer fire companies that we haven't done enough due diligence and they're concerned about Mr. Terrell's ability to work with volunteer fire companies," Ferguson testified before the supervisors.

Terrell Misappropriated Fleet Management JPA – Regional Apparatus Maintenance Project

New Sonoma County Fire Chief Alfred Terrell wasted no time in attacking his duties. Using his newfound authority as Fleet Manager of the Regional Apparatus Maintenance Project, Chief Terrell promptly dispatched a fire truck and an ambulance to serve the whims of organized crime as seen here.

In a brazen stunt performed in front of aghast patrons of the Sonoma Branch of the Sonoma County Public Library's Book Sale, a phony 2 alarm fire, designed to harass and frighten an intended victim with repeated shrill siren blasts. A fire truck and ambulance are seen here as they violate their authority for when and where to use such warnings by blaring their sirens in front of the Sonoma Public Library for a nonexistent emergency.

There has been ongoing concern over funding issues and some worry over moves to consolidate districts or at least centralize their command.

Sonoma County Fire Chiefs' "Chief's Fund": Slush Fund for Organized Crime

There are those in the community that have begun to wonder where an agency that is constantly crying poor, like the Sonoma County Fire Department, finds the money for all of the new equipment they have been flaunting.

Chief Mulas reported that the Association (Using the “Chief’s Fund) purchased 2 new pickup trucks for the District, which will be given to and registered to the District. In case you haven't checked lately, new pickups aren't cheap.

Terrell could not be reached for comment. He is to be paid between $137,400 and $167,000. The county said that they were not allowed to comment on allegations that an unauthorized outside bank account is being employed by the Sonoma County Fire Chief's known as the "Chief's Fund" and that it is in reality a slush fund financed by organized crime.

Monte Rio Fire Chief Steve Baxman said "Funding is an Achilles' heel of the county's fire service." and urged Terrell to look to make changes on that front.

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