Lone Defender of Justice Speaks Out Against Corrupt Ambulance Firm

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on February 15, 2016 at 8:05 PM

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07/31/2013 By Teresa McCallion

Gary Tennyson's rogue corporation Lays off 40 following purchase of Verihealth.

Less than one year after launching operations, Falck has laid off nearly the entire East Bay operations of its Northern California office, replacing them with staff. 

Petaluma, CA — President for Falck Northern California Corp. Gary Allen Tennyson has been associated with seven companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a eleven year period with the most recent being incorporated in April of 2012. One of the companies is still active while the remaining six are now listed as inactive.

As David Severn, operations manager for Anderson Valley Ambulance Service found out the hard way, Gary Allen Tennyson was dead serious about his twitter credo

"don't care what you think, you weren't there at the time." 

David Severn, from his groundbreaking post of April 22, 2015:

Being fully retired after a 12-year stint as a volunteer EMT responder while consecutively serving most of that time as operations manager for the Anderson Valley Ambulance Service, I feel I can speak my piece about Mendocino County's emerging ambulance controversy. In 2013, Ukiah Ambulance was purchased by Medstar just about the same time as an interloper by the name of Verihealth showed up in Mendocino County and started taking 911 calls. Verihealth could move in because Mendocino has no EOA (Exclusive Operating Area) in place that would limit emergency response to a single provider.

Verihealth had no in-County headquarters. We would find them perched vulture-like along State Street both North and South, thus providing themselves maximum billboard visibility and in an advantaged position to respond to emergencies. Stories started to circulate of local established Ukiah/Medstar and usurper Verihealth/Falck ambulances racing each other to 911 calls. Many of us in the responder community were baffled why anyone would want any part of such a low call volume and therefore low economic return. And most of us were worried about the hit that Ukiah Ambulance (now Medstar) would take from the predatory, outside-based newcomer. The answer soon became known within Mendocino EMS circles.
Verihealth had been purchased by an outfit named Falck and they wanted to become the official EMS provider for the Sonoma Raceway — probably for the high visibility and prestige. The hangup was that to do so required that Verihealth/Falck must be providing 911 emergency response within the Coastal Valley EMS Agency jurisdiction. Falck, a Danish Company and the largest ambulance service provider in the world, has the resources to do what it wants and it was doing just that. 

Combined with Falck Northern California’s new operation, Verihealth has a staff of more than 300 employees and a fleet of 50 ambulances.” Here in Mendocino we have seen the backs of Verihealth ambulances in Ukiah turned into billboards now advertising their involvement with Sonoma Raceway. With a call volume that hovers around 150 calls per year there is no way in Hades that ALS in Anderson Valley is economically viable.

The upshot: An exclusive operating area contract will be put out to bid. But who can outbid the largest, richest ambulance company in the world? The Danish conglomerate will win by lowballing the initial contract period and then on the second go around, with Medstar pushed totally out of the picture, come back with whatever they feel they can get out of Mendocino County's ambulance services. I'd call this Walmarting EMS except for the fact that Walmart at least gives lower prices and Verihealth/Falck will be free to charge whatever they can squeeze from our pockets because of a noncompetitive market.

Phase Two
Whenever it was hinted to them that Verihealth was an usurper, corporate picture painters would point out that Verihealth had actually been doing inter-facility transfers (IFTs) in Mendocino since 2010. Most of us “in the trucks” — volunteers doing 911 responses — weren't that up to date on IFTs other than hearing occasionally that as non-emergency services they were the bread and butter of medical transport. And if you thought the Medstar vs Verihealth/Falck issue would be napping until June you are wrong. On January 13th of this year a civil matter was placed before the Superior Court of California, County of Mendocino by Medstar Ambulance as Plaintiff vs VeriHealth; Falck; Adventist Health Systems West; Gary Tennyson (Verihealth), Sean Sullivan (Falck) and Does 1-100 as defendants.

The Plaintiff, Medstar, alleges that Adventist Healthcare Systems West (AHSW) operated or operates a transfer or dispatch business through which it dispatched ambulances and other non-emergency vehicles for inter-facility transfers and other transportation purposes. At some point Adventist contracted with Verihealth/Falck to operate the transfer center and dispatch ambulances and other non-emergency vehicles. Verihealth/Falck was authorized to use various names used by Adventist.

The gist of what happens in this situation, and these are my words not those of the suit itself, is that as a medical vehicle dispatching agent Verihealth/Falck was given what we emergency response people would call a “face sheet” which includes various important info on the transport including but not limited to nature and level of transport as well as the insurance status of the person being transported. 

Higher levels of transport pay more money than others and certain methods of insurance pay more money than others. It is alleged by Medstar that by having this information Verihealth/Falck was able and did repeatedly guide the lucrative transports to its vehicles and the lower paying transfers to Medstar. Medstar further alleges that all of those named as defendants did either conspire to commit, participated in, approved and/or ratified the wrongful acts of Verihealth/Falck. Ukiah Ambulance, now known as Medstar, like Anderson Valley Ambulance Service, has been a steady performer in Mendocino County EMS. Whenever a local call appeared to possibly need a higher level of care than we could provide, Ukiah Ambulance was paged and they responded.

Not once in my 12 years was a patient outcome compromised because of our basic life support level service. Mendocino County deserves the steady and reliable service of locally owned and operated EMS not a corporate global giant with the same ethics of all the other One Percenters. 


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Reply Duped
2:49 AM on June 18, 2016 
Ask Mr. Tennyson about the time he had an Internet startup company called, in which he recruited numerous friends and relatives into investing into the company of thousands of dollars with the false promise they could opt out in one year, and double their initial investments. Only later it was found that Mr. Tennyson was not using the investors money for the Internet venture, but was in fact using it to finance his VeriHealth medical transport business.

Within approximately 2 years, Mr. Tennyson sold the Internet business to an unknown buyer, and did not inform all of his investors. He, Mr. Tennyson, then failed to provide many investor with the information of the sale and the new owners name and address, but some were able to track the new owner down in St. Helena, Ca, at which time the new owner knew of Mr. Tennyson's deceptive sale, and refunded some their entire investments.

To say that Mr. Tennyson was dishonest and deceptive will all his ventures would be a stretch, however, many investors found out the hard way that Mr. Tennyson was a pretty good sales person, and that anything went where money was concerned for him. To this day, Mr. Tennyson must live with himself knowing that he hurt and alienated many people along they way, especially friends and Family members he lied too and ultimately turned his back on when all they did was offer to help him.