Sonoma Valley Airport Owner uses his Links to Organized Crime to Track Down and Threaten Web Site Owner with Law Suit

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on April 6, 2016 at 8:45 PM

Around noon on November 25, 2016 Chris Prevost finally had quarried his prey. Instigating his own version of Black Friday, he brazenly called upon the struggling owner of an insignificant web site to demand satisfaction. Insisting upon his own version of the truth and threatening a law suit from high powered lawyers if the mild mannered reporter failed to remove a story which he found offensive. A story constituted of constitutionally protected First Amendment editorial opinion.

But how had Mr. Prevost acquired the web site author's address? He refused to say. He stated only --in a clearly threatening tone-- that he "knew someone."  Having cowed the law abiding web site owner from expressing" target="_blank">the right of the press or even the rights of an individual to speak freely, a job well done, Mr. Prevost took his leave. 

Now that unfortunate web site owner must deal with the consequences of knowing that Mr. Prevost, and his clan of thugs are waiting to further prevent the intrepid reporter from reporting the truth as he sees it. If that's not an organized crime, then what is? Prevost and his gang of air criminals are adept at working with so called private investigators, thinly disguised hoodlums. who follow their subjects using private air craft, coordinated from spotters on the ground, to legally harass their subjects through disguised air manuevers, "coincidentally" taking place over the heads of their targets. 

Prevost and his Sonoma air field are such pilots.

Offend this man at your own risk, his powerful friends will hunt you down like a dog.

A Sonoma Valley Airport owner shocked City Council with an outburst of obscenities. Her use of the crass language at a City Council meeting about having her neighbor's pond being removed mortified those in attendance. It seems that her feathers were also ruffled when one of the council members commented on rumors of the small airport being some kind of front or tax shelter.

Origins of the rumor appear to be substantiated by the fact that although the Sonoma Valley Airport's receipts are comparatively low, huge outlays have continued for years. The financing of purchases, costly repair and maintenance of the expensive and expansive fleet of aircraft remain unexplained.

It's a fleet the which one might expect to be kept by some extravagant billionaire. One unconcerned with mundane business procedures such as turning a profit. If not organized crime or an eccentric billionaire, just where are the origins then from where all of this bounty can be traced to?

Who's Calling Shots at Sonoma Valley Airport?

With so few flights going in and out of the Sonoma Valley Airport any income brought in by them is dwarfed by the ongoing cash expenses involved in acquiring, repairing and maintaining such an enterprise. 

Another factor contributing to all of the rumors about the finances of the Sonoma Valley Airport is the three different companies that are basically the same one interchangeable entity. Though being the owner of the facility, she frequently poses as an employee to avoid any disagreeable confrontations. 

But the question remains, who then is shelling out the funds in Schelville? Investigators may have their suspicions confirmed should they examine Sonoma Valley Airport's books. Fitting perfectly in with sophisticated twenty-first century creative accounting techniques, it turns out that the facility is a virtual money pit. 

Pilots, on retainers, sit around shooting the breeze waiting for assignments from their boss, it is said. 

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