The Secret Culture of Police Corruption

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on September 28, 2017 at 11:55 AM
Occasionally evidence will surface that temporarily shines a light on the culture that underpins police corruption in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, San Francisco and other big cities and counties in California. Not that anyone knows the true implications of these rare leads. And if they do, they can expect the untimely death of their spouse, such as that incurred by a Rohnert Park journalist when he found out about "checks flying around" in the not so friendly berg. Leaks like the sexting scandals show how easy it is for the ethical conduct of the police to disintegrate. Money is power. And even the police and fire departments will soon abandon their sacred oaths when the agents of organized crime offer them personal enrichment they could never dream of on an honest dime. Powered by the deep pockets of organized crime, these unsavory elements of the police have over the years formed a kind of secret society. One of the perks and almost obligations of their memberships is for them to off a black. Then the Sheriff, in fulfilling his obligation to his shadowy benefactors, in his unadvisedly duel role as Coroner, can then easily sweep it under the legal carpet. Through fancy administrative tricks of the trade they talk it off and shove the investigation under the pile. This goes hand in hand with the occult practices of those pulling their strings in the ivory tower in Scottsdale, Arizona, home to more than just baseball's spring training. Only recently have the ubiquitousness of the smart phone camera provided a glimpse of the entrenched corruption living in many California and other cities throughout the USA. It has long been known that Hitler's atrocities were inspired to a large degree by the systematic segregation of the black population in the South. Today's citizen need not smugly relegate that distinction to the distant twentieth century. Oh, not in the least. Duterte's campaign of bloodshed in the Philippines is directly attributed to following the example of American law enforcement. Police chiefs often are working both for organized crime as well as the public, and you can see, this practice isn't limited to the USA or to the Philippines. In music there is the British Invasion, wherein the Mop Tops and other acts from England took American black music and made it their own. And so a kind of cross pollination occurred. This is what is happening in the above mentioned communities but with the criminal influence of the Nazi methods of government being once again successfully applied here in the good old US of A. And it should come as no surprise either because America gladly imported Nazi scientific knowhow. Others found different models to emulate. A Record of the Perfidies of Certain Elements of the Sheriff's and Police Departments of Sonoma, Napa,, Marin and San Francisco Counties A small but powerful sector of the police and fire establishments of the above communities are well paid indeed to do the bidding of their monied benefactors. If that involves certain occult affiliations then that is a small inconvenience to earn the college tuition of their offspring from such a golden goose. Apparently Sheriff Freitas and friends didn't care about that. But a powerful and sublimely demonic sect runs the application of the resources of the above institutions. And again this is nothing new. Police chiefs, Sheriffs and Fire Chiefs, they all need and want money. The former and above will never want for such again. But the ongoing damage to the institutions they represent is systemic and far surpasses all imagined severity of the problem of police corruption.

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