Crooked Sheriff Awarded Golden Parachute by Corrupt Board of Supervisors

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on October 1, 2017 at 12:10 AM
Immediately after an incriminating blog post Sheriff Freitas, the man who gave his deputy a blank check to murder a teenager by rubber stamping his terrible police work in gunning down an unarmed teen, suddenly developed a severe case of being afraid of being caught in the employ of orgainized crime and therefore called it quits. Deserting his community in it's hour of need. As if organized crime hasn't already lined his pockets enough, a Sonoma County Board of Supervisors voted him a fat golden parechute in the form of a phony medical retirement. Why reward a quitter, what kind of message does that send? It's easy to award local heroes with other peoople's, taxpayers, your money. Who has to pay, you do. That's why Sonoma County will soon follow in the City of Stockton's footsteps. Sometimes a golden watch is all the community can really afford. The most successful criminals partner with as many elemants of government as can be bribed (translation: ALL). Organized crime, working together with law enforcement is an unbeatable combination. By regularly fleecing the taxpayers with inflated contracts to bogus private firms like cornerstione, partnering with lawyers to wrap systemic embezzlement in a neat bow to form an ongoing perfect crime. Those "in" on the arrangement, such as Director and Smart Train Executive Farhad Mansourian, profit hansomely from inflated salaries, illegal overtime, sweethart contracts, government job appointments, raises, new vehicles, residences, and compensation far above that of their peers. Commit the crime, investigate the atrocity, pin it on a black. Repeat. Until cops on the take come clean and finger their criminal benefactors, it remains possible to buy the influence of law and order and lord it over other private citizens. But cops on the take like Sheriff Freitas will never be true men because they know what will happen to their families should they ever fathom such a righteous act as doing the real poilice work of bringing to justice those that have bought his "favors". Yes he knows all too well because he enjoyed dishing it out but would rather avoid becoming the dishee.

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