Sonoma County Sheriff's Department: ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on December 17, 2018 at 1:15 PM

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department is afraid of this web site. And well they should be. For in it is the stuff that will finally expose them as they truly are: the corrupt servants of organized crime. The secret goings on at the Sonoma County Sheriffs’ insular and inbred white world of which only they, brothers in arms, can ever fully know and appreciate.

It falls unto this lowly blog to be the only voice in the wilderness of the corruption that is the essence of the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department. The time has come to disband the former and transfer all of its duties and assets to a single police entity. One that will be responsible to the needs of the people pictured below. Doesn't that look like the end scene of the original Frankenstein’s monster, where the townspeople, fed up with the monster, are forced to take matters into their own hands?

While the Sonoma County Shecriff’s Department go about their duties well enough, though even this assertion might be challenged by the families and friends of" target="_blank">the late Andy Lopez, at any moment, when their markers are called upon, they can and will turn upon" target="_blank">an innocent civilian if the price is right, and it always is with the vast deep pockets of organized crime.


The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department have become the enemy of the people because their underlying structure has been usurped by the virtually endless supplies of cold hard cash that organized crime can muster at the drop of a hat or the fall of another wide-eyed recruit to the reality of big money, big deceptions and the entrenched bribery residing therein. Easily flown in from the Cayman Islands by a fronting geological services firm like so many pipe bombs and forwarded through the Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport cleaned up for distribution by those who so expertly ran the check-cashing businesses of Jamaica, Queens and Brooklyn, New York and defrauded the unsuspecting and relatively helpless black welfare recipients there by charging an extra ten cents for each and every check that they would cash. Wherein they also sold money orders by a firm called USN. Where the treasurer, also happened to be the owner of the check cashing stores as well as the owner of the armored car services that supplied the money for the checks to be cashed. Eventually collecting enough money to choke several herds of horses, finally tiring of the game, they decided to retire with one last, monumental score. Pulling out all of the stops and strings, they efficiently vacuumed every last cent of the money order company’s treasury and hopped a well-planned flight to the Cayman Islands. This of course didn’t sit too well with people trying to cash their money orders. But alas their was nothing to be done as from top to bottom what passed for the legal system of the Empire State back then in the mid nineteen seventies had already been well greased indeed. Resulting in a relatively comfortable if inconvenient few month stay in one of New York’s well-apportioned country club prisons for the errant treasurer. But there was a happy ending in Scottsdale, Arizona for the benefactors of the scam and a lot of wringing and gnashing of teeth in this and that area of New York City, its adjoining Burroughs and also at the affected businesses left out on the financial limb as distributors of the now worthless USN Money Orders.


So these Napoleons of crime now amuse themselves with their billions of dollars in largess by investing in the employees of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department and in creating new havoc in Sonoma County and beyond, such as operating a" target="_blank">jet maintenance facility at the Charles M. Schulz Airport and in creating a huge consortium of" target="_blank">ambulance services. Thus double dipping, the employees of the Sonoma County Sheriff and their families will never have to want for anything. Thus enriched from the coffers of the wicked, the members thereof care nothing for the damage that they do, and it is exceedingly great. Oh, no. Because they and their loved ones are set for life, after all, that is what is most important, isn’t it?



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