Embezzling Rural/Metro Executive Awarded Additional $100,000- Taxpayers Outraged

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on June 27, 2016 at 8:25 PM

Wednesday May 01, 2013: After unknowingly aiding and abetting Mr. Heffner, who by falsification of references and letters of introduction from professional firefighters such as Kelly L. Fox, President of WSCFF (800-572-5762), Michael Mullane, David Lang, President of the IAFF, William McQuillen, Mike Tobey, Executive Director of IAFF Local 112 and Lori Moore, obtained millions of dollars in new business from city governments for his ambulance firm, the same took steps to distance themselves from him, if possible.

Monday May 06, 2013: Ron Saathoff, the Director of the International Association of Fire Fighters Pension Resource Department (202-824-1569) and President of Local 145 disavows any association with Heffner’s Falck ambulance service and his falsified applications. Thursday May 9, 2013: Frank Lima, President of IAFF Local 112-United Firefighters of Los Angeles City orders Mike Tobey, the Director of the local’s Executive Board to write a cease and desist complaint to Falck to get the scamming ambulance company to stop using Tobey as a reference in its CEO’s false letters of introduction.

BOO!: Evil Genius of Medical Transport Bilks Government of San Diego.

Feb 19, 2013 8:42am Tom Scott · San Diego, California When the City Council approved this partnership, ignoring the recommendations of the expert panel that reviewed the proposals, the first thing that went out the door was all of the compliance monitoring that would have been required of a contract with a private ambulance company. I find it interesting that a search of the city website does not find any annual performance reports normally required for a contractor.

Jan. 18, 2012: After a phony private investigative firm in close league with organized crime known as Cornerstone released a draft report of its rubber stamped findings, Ms. Singer responded with a letter and once again criticized the firm’s work as not going far enough. Specifically, she cited that the firm only examined 28 of thousands of transactions. Two of them — both for more than $20,000 — appeared to be charges related to other cities and not San Diego. Singer proposed examining 200 to 300 additional transactions, among other things, to determine the accuracy of Rural/Metro’s records. This was never done. When dealing with organized crime, it is important to notice complete about faces by any of the involved parties.

Goldsmith defended how his office handled the allegations and said the settlement was preferred because of what he called “diminishing returns” of pursuing the matter further. He said the Cornerstone report essentially found that Rural/Metro put money in the wrong account for 10 years but didn’t take any money. “It’s sort of like when somebody is negligent in driving, but there’s no injuries,” he said. That attorney Goldsmith should be so naive as to believe the report of Cornerstone, an investigative firm run by organized crime, loudly declares that either he is a complete idiot, and complete idiots are rare, or that he's been bought off.

For Mr. Goldsmith, an employee of the City of San Diego to state that "there's been no injuries", when the great City of San Diego has been duped for at least sixteen millions of dollars is an indication of the latter. That's a mighty big pot to split between misters Robert Heffner, Cornerstone, Goldsmith and their crime bosses in Arizona, where organized crime is not unheard of. Payoffs have been generously spread out between the involved parties and where not accepted, other more direct means enforced. Regarding the payoffs, just as the accounting fraud perpetrated above was maneuvered The Heffner led Rural/Metro Ambulance service provided inadequate explanations for other discrepancies.

October 2011: Like a rat on a sinking ship, Boo, after having already secured his expertly embezzled millions from his former company and its duped customers, the City of San Diego, turns around and initiates a complaint against that very same company, which under his stewardship he ran aground. Successfully blaming it for the very same offences which he himself orchestrated ("So long suckers!"). Scottsdale, Arizona-based Rural/Metro is accused of stealing as much as $12 million from the city through its unique public-private partnership. Additional allegations put the total at $18 million or more. Way to take responsibility for your tenure Boo!

April 2010: Heffner fired from his job for violating Rural Metro Corporation’s expense reimbursement rules. The company said it fired Heffner after an internal audit showed that he had submitted fraudulent business expense reports for years. Hefner’s voluminous calculations were difficult to refute and even more difficult to verify. But under cross-examination he admitted that he had doctored his figures. He received reimbursements totaling thousands of dollars for improvements to his home, equestrian fees, a gym membership, homeowner association fees, dental work and home entertainment equipment, among other things. The reimbursements were submitted to Rural/Metro in Scottsdale, not to the contractually agreed upon local private/public partnership known as San Diego Medical Services. Along with Heffner’s messy departure from Rural/Metro, the former employee turned competitor in addition committed breach-of-contract. As Heffner violated Rural/Metro’s two-year noncompete clause in his employment contract by taking a job with Denmark-based Falck, an ambulance company trying to break into the U.S. market.

2010-2012: Senior Vice President, Emergency Medical Services North America, Falck

2000-2010: Group President - Rural Metro Corporation, West Emergency Services Group

1999-2000: Chief Operating Officer - Rural/Metro, Texas Rural/Metro booked bad-debt collection revenue outside the partnership’s bank account from 1997 to 2007.

Robert Heffner oversaw the partnership as an executive at Rural/Metro in Scottsdale, Ariz. Allegations of financial shenanigans resulted in the dismantling of San Diego’s irregular private-public ambulance partnership created in 1997 as San Diego Medical Services Enterprise. Rural/Metro never paid the city back for the 10-year period where bad-debt collection revenue wasn’t recorded. The city auditor issued a report claiming the ambulance company had withheld millions between 1997 and 2007. Rural/Metro had fraudulently withheld revenue. Heffner, during his time as president of the company, kept the bad-debt collection revenue — as much as $12 million from 1997 to 2007 that should have gone into city coffers — outside of the partnership’s bank account, which he had forwarded to elements of organized crime in Arizona for laundering—disappearing like a hapless ship trying to navigate the Bermuda Triangle-- in the Cayman Islands and the city never received the money.

Secondly, City Auditor Eduardo Luna reported that Rural/Metro withdrew nearly $6 million from the partnership in excess of the expense reimbursements it was entitled to. Rural/Metro issued a news release about Heffner’s departure to explain he had been fired for cause “as a result of violations of the company’s expense-reimbursement policies.” Conrad A. Conrad, then-acting chief executive of Rural/Metro, said in a statement: As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers and stakeholders, it is our responsibility to take swift and appropriate action when there is a reason to believe that the disgruntled employee Mr. Heffner has not met the standards of business conduct we have established for our company. San Diego City Attorney’s Office expressed frustration with Rural/Metro’s level of cooperation. Rural/Metro refused to provide basic information and the city has no way of knowing if the company got away with millions. Because of his improprieties and exceptionally dishonest management of the whole affair, Rural/Metro fired Heffner. Jan Goldsmith questioned whether the investigation went far enough to determine how much more money Heffner and Rural/Metro had embezzled during the 13-year partnership.

Dec. 5, 2011: In a letter, Deputy City Attorney Sanna Singer accused Rural/Metro of reneging on its promise of a full forensic accounting of the partnership by narrowing the investigative scope. “To date, Cornerstone has performed not an in-depth forensic review, but rather a ‘grand reconciliation’ of Rural/Metro’s books and records,” she wrote. “Cornerstone has performed virtually no testing of the revenue and expenses appearing on Rural/Metro’s general ledger … to ensure that Rural/Metro is telling the truth.” DiMino, the Rural/Metro CEO, said his company spent millions during the investigation to clear its name and called the selective documents obtained by the forensic accounting of the U-T show “a cake half-baked”.

April 2010: The Rural/Metro CEO reiterated that Metro fired Heffner after an internal audit showed that he had submitted fraudulent business expense reports for years. “We let this guy go for cause. That’s public information,” DiMino said. “He’s now with a competitor ambulance company. He’s trying to take the contract any way he can. It’s completely unethical.” Rather than provide basic information necessary to complete a conclusive report, Mr. Hefner elected to dodge and obfuscate and to this day refuses to address many aspects of how his company’s crooked service to the City of San Diego was provided. In the end San Diegans generously agreed to pick up Heffner’s tab after its outgoing Rural/Metro president’s corrupt business practices had enriched further the coffers of organized crime in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“The way Rural/Metro stepped up to the plate is unique,” Goldsmith, a former judge, said in the release. “In my 36 years in law and watching thousands of cases from the bench, I often wished that the parties would get together early and get to the bottom of the matter without years of expensive litigation, but rarely did I see that happen. I commend Rural/Metro for doing what good corporate citizens should do to resolve issues, rather than resorting to litigation.” Heffner also agreed to the settlement, dismissed his lawsuit and received $100,000 from Rural/Metro.

That hasn’t stopped him from criticizing Rural/Metro through his lawyer. The fact that Mr. Goldsmith of the San Diego Attorney's Office feels, that in embezzling sixteen million dollars from his employers, the wronged taxpayers of San Diego, that Rural Metro, have somehow stepped up to the plate, then he's certainly not one who can cure the unfortunate Padres' woes.

When parties in the same industry with similar interests get together and divvy up sixteen million dollars of the taxpayers' money so that they can all live happily ever after and avoid their just prosecution, it may be a lot of things. It may be collusion, it may be fraud, it may be embezzling, it might be that San Diego sorely needs a new City Attorney. One who will better keep the City's own interests at heart instead of one like Mr. Goldsmith who conspires with companies to fleece the taxpayers.

Furthermore, to allow the embezzling Rural/Metro executive, Robert Boo Heffner, the one responsible for the whole sordid affair, to skate off Scot free with sixteen million dollars of the taxpayers' hard earned money, is a disgrace to the legal profession. No wonder lawyers aren't exactly universally revered, the peoples' servant having so disgracefully abandoned them. The taxpayers must now somehow live and die with the systemic gouging that are the current charges for ambulance services in San Diego.

To then add insult to the injury of San Diego, they have the Gaul to award an additional one hundred thousand dollars to the embezzling Hefner! It's like Donald Trump promising to build a wall to keep Mexico out and then having the audacity to make them pay for it. Another not so dissimilar comparison is that of Pontius Pilate forcing the poor San Diegan to carry his own cross to his own financial crucifixion upon the cross of ambulance bills.

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